Friday May 20, 2022

The koruna should not strengthen more sharply by the end of the year, analysts say

Analysts do not expect a strong increase in the koruna this year. On Thursday, the Czech currency strengthened against the euro to the strongest value in the last two years, when it strengthened to 24.38 K / EUR before noon. According to them, the main reason is that the central bank has speculated about two […]

The seller of heroin claims to have 37 thousand. It’s not likely

Selling drugs and at the same time going to get a door from the state, on which many of them will work hard: that’s how the family, who was arrested by a police officer on Thursday, gave up. The diversity of the social system in the discussion of this series. Is there anything like it […]

Small investors can now trade in Nokia shares

Small and medium-sized investors, for whom the over-the-counter RM-Systm stock market is a priority, have had the opportunity to evaluate the means of investing in a foreign stock at home. From there, they will be able to trade shares of Nokia’s mobile communications companies around the world. Nokia shares will be available to investors both […]

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