Tuesday May 24, 2022

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The press department will cup a reform in its demonstration, which is not called reform, but only a set of stabilized measures. They pass through Prague, go under St. Wenceslas and go home again. The world does not die and the government does not fall. code. Probably something like this should be done. The economy […]

he must pay attention to the euro. How long is not clear

The Czech Republic has no official date for receiving the euro. The government approved an updated strategy for the transition to the euro area. Compared to previous versions, however, vn errors date when this happens. Obant Democrat spoke cautiously before the election. First, according to them, you need to put together public finances. Although the […]

A revolution in the tolls of Dvets broke out. What is he doing?

It will reach the million million people from the state through cards of social systems, the so-called sCards. From this novelty, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs promises mainly disputes in operating costs. It meets the value of 20 million crowns msn. At the first sKaret, the Ministry cooperates with the Czech Savings Bank, […]

Scammers ignore pain. He knotted two fingers over the pension

Fraudsters who want to go to the insurance company will not be afraid of him. SOB Pojiovna has recently registered a number of mental injuries due to compensation. One can even knot two fingers on his hand. The insurance indemnity is based on the extent of the consequences of injuries and the agreed insurance premium. […]

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