Friday May 20, 2022

Do not store pensions on bnm here

The guarantee for the resolution of the dispute are those in the banks. However, Roen is low and can be absorbed by bank fees and inflation. It is better not to have your pension needed for building savings or term deposits. The bank’s deposits are usually difficult, but don’t expect reversibly to get rich from […]

The seller of heroin claims to have 37 thousand. It’s not likely

Selling drugs and at the same time going to get a door from the state, on which many of them will work hard: that’s how the family, who was arrested by a police officer on Thursday, gave up. The diversity of the social system in the discussion of this series. Is there anything like it […]

From here, an unknown where 6 thousand crowns disappeared. The bank was to blame

Mr. Magdalena from Prague 9 m u u esk spoitelny. While checking one of her payments, she noticed a bank order that she did not enter. Six thousand crowns, including the fee for the payment order, have already disappeared here. Who collected the pension did not know at all. “I immediately complained about the bank’s […]

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