Wednesday May 25, 2022

Baggage insurance

The insurance company is damaged, destroyed or stolen by the things you take with you on the trip. The insurance indemnity is limited from above in the fuse. There are many different conditions that must be met in order for the insurance company to pay the code. Nap. When carrying luggage from a car, it […]

What is travel insurance

Travel insurance or travel and stay insurance It is easier for you to overcome problems that may occur during travel or stay, especially abroad. Travel involves various risks. Although the insurance company does not prevent the occurrence of insurance events, in which you incur damage to health and property, but in any case changes their […]

What does the travel insurance contain

The wide range of options for travel insurance shows the following overview of basic products, which can be found in the offer of most Czech and foreign insurance companies. Overview of basic travel insurance products: Pojitn lebnch vloh Travel times connected Insurance liability for the code within the travel insurance Baggage insurance Insurance of cancellation […]

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