Friday Jan 21, 2022

I’ll kill them all, said the magnifying glass from Krnov’s direction. Then it exploded

Ptapadestilet Daniel Petr was on Thursday afternoon in the Krnov Priora for a friend in one of the shops. Within a few moments, he had a fight and defeated an armed man who wanted to rob a gun. “I tore him tight, but then it exploded,” Daniel Petr recalls. Police later found the tonka to […]

The seller of heroin claims to have 37 thousand. It’s not likely

Selling drugs and at the same time going to get a door from the state, on which many of them will work hard: that’s how the family, who was arrested by a police officer on Thursday, gave up. The diversity of the social system in the discussion of this series. Is there anything like it […]

Decrease in the value of your investments? Don’t panic

Anyone who invests in equity funds runs the risk of fluctuating the value of the investment. Fear and apprehension of financial loss often leads to investors withdrawing from their investment in times of decline. Let’s look at Mr. Peter’s example of how to behave as rationally as possible in times of market decline. Petr wants […]

Small investors can now trade in Nokia shares

Small and medium-sized investors, for whom the over-the-counter RM-Systm stock market is a priority, have had the opportunity to evaluate the means of investing in a foreign stock at home. From there, they will be able to trade shares of Nokia’s mobile communications companies around the world. Nokia shares will be available to investors both […]

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