Friday May 20, 2022

Znme vherce. The financial literacy test mobile travels west ech

Two hundred and nineteen representatives representing the number of those who flawlessly passed the entire megatest of financial literacy sat in the lottery. Anna Pytlkov from Domalice, the winner of the HTC smartphone, emerged from it. At the lottery in the atrium of the editorial office, the representatives of the editorial board met with […]

Small investors can now trade in Nokia shares

Small and medium-sized investors, for whom the over-the-counter RM-Systm stock market is a priority, have had the opportunity to evaluate the means of investing in a foreign stock at home. From there, they will be able to trade shares of Nokia’s mobile communications companies around the world. Nokia shares will be available to investors both […]

Test in tern. Or we didn’t buy titanium ndobs for it

You do not find some goods in normal stores. D can only be bought from doorstep sellers or at a sales presentation. The tactics of the sellers are very innate and inventive. You may succumb without breaking the contract. The test revealed it. Vyrm to the congress service of a Prague hotel for the […]

JAVA banking: a new alternative

Thanks to the still mobile phones and technologies in which banks invest, we are not going today on the Czech market of two banks that offer a new channel of banking – JAVA banking. The service is a combination of portable mobile banking with the comfort of internet banking. What can you offer? How are […]

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