Sunday Jan 23, 2022

Stiglitz: Europe must be solid, otherwise it is a matter of the euro

Europe must learn to help its members in times of crisis, otherwise the eurozone’s prospects for a common sense are pale. In a verbatim to his book Freefall (Voln pd), the former economist of the World Bank and Nobel laureate in economics Joseph Stiglitz used to do so. “Eurozna needs better economic cooperation. Not one […]

The investor must not allow him to be disturbed by the collapse of the market

The average of market prices is known as a soft management ability. The shareholder assesses whether or not his investment is based on how many dividends he receives and how long-term the average price of his share is. The same criteria should logically be applied to the evaluation of the activities and effectiveness of the […]

Test in tern. Or we didn’t buy titanium ndobs for it

You do not find some goods in normal stores. D can only be bought from doorstep sellers or at a sales presentation. The tactics of the sellers are very innate and inventive. You may succumb without breaking the contract. The test revealed it. Vyrm to the congress service of a Prague hotel for the […]

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