Friday May 20, 2022

We tested the binder. Yes to Kooperativa, no to AXA pojiovny

Our decision-making, where to arrange insurance, is also influenced by breeding employees of branches. We convinced ourselves of it. The professional from Kooperativa got us immediately. On the contrary, the lack of interest of an AXA pojiovny employee about a potential client decided that we would not consider this connection. As soon as I said […]

Spoitelny vce take no two

The fees that building societies offer to their clients are a source of ethnicity discussions. Due to their uncontrollable increase, an amendment to the Building Savings Act was even adopted last year. To what extent do the fees reduce the income from the building savings? Can years of deposit be fixed at all? In addition […]

The seller of heroin claims to have 37 thousand. It’s not likely

Selling drugs and at the same time going to get a door from the state, on which many of them will work hard: that’s how the family, who was arrested by a police officer on Thursday, gave up. The diversity of the social system in the discussion of this series. Is there anything like it […]

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