Sunday Jan 23, 2022

Stiglitz: Europe must be solid, otherwise it is a matter of the euro

Europe must learn to help its members in times of crisis, otherwise the eurozone’s prospects for a common sense are pale. In a verbatim to his book Freefall (Voln pd), the former economist of the World Bank and Nobel laureate in economics Joseph Stiglitz used to do so. “Eurozna needs better economic cooperation. Not one […]

Olomouck ndra turns off info signs and cash registers, and disconnects electricity for a long time

Without the information from the information boards with arrivals and departures, or the sale of pendolin slopes and international express trains, passengers traveling to the train via the Olomouc main train will have to bypass for two hours on Saturday evening. Due to the reconstruction of its network, the debtors will turn off the electricity. […]

You have to take care of the life insurance. Otherwise, do not paralyze the family in time

They often make mistakes in life insurance. And they also like some connecting agents. We mistakenly believe that it is best to take out a life insurance policy for five years. The point is that if you take out insurance once, you can rest easy and don’t have to worry about anything. Insurance companies can […]

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