Wednesday May 25, 2022

Slovakia wants to pay in euros in two years, the Union is a flight

In 2009, Slovakia would join the countries that pay in euros. The European Union has been carrying this. For the first time, the Slovak government has admitted that it cannot be enforced in European institutions. This follows from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which was approved by the Ficv cabinet. “The determination to ensure the […]

he must pay attention to the euro. How long is not clear

The Czech Republic has no official date for receiving the euro. The government approved an updated strategy for the transition to the euro area. Compared to previous versions, however, vn errors date when this happens. Obant Democrat spoke cautiously before the election. First, according to them, you need to put together public finances. Although the […]

Invest in retirement, pay off

Finann servers offer a lot of useful information, but a hunter without experience should not be involved in investment without consulting a professional. Dr. Blek made the first decision, first looking for as much evidence as possible, and then turning to an expert. Dr. Blk is 45 years old. He practices in a small town […]

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