Saturday May 21, 2022

Marek: I see the crown in 2012 at 25 K per euro

The crown broke one record after another. In recent weeks, it has reached maximum values ​​in both the world’s longest currencies – the euro and the dollar. They can also ask more for a holiday abroad. What does this mean for exports? patri analyst David Marek answered. ONLINE CHATDavid Mark’s answers can be found here […]

Gasoline is the most expensive in five years, the price of oil is about one hundred dollars per barrel

Gasoline prices in the Czech Republic have reached the highest values ​​in the last five years. A liter of natural costs more than 33 crowns on average. For very expensive oil, its price is higher up optimistic investors about the growth of world economies. To relieve domestic idim me only gym crown. Brent vera North […]

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