Sunday Jan 23, 2022

Collective boxes do not appeal to bank clients, but they are cheaper than a service at pepka

One of the ways to save time and pension on the basis of a one-time order to the castle, I can use the so-called collection box. For their clients, Zdly is only one of the domestic banks as an alternative to a cash flow order. However, many clients have not yet found their way to […]

The fraudsters were trying to pour a senior, they wanted a loan for a relative’s operation

He gave the fraudster’s attempt to snatch pensions from two seniors that took place on the ground in Umperka. As in other similar cases, the car’s crew tried to tell him that he needed a pension for his brother’s urgent operation. Coincidentally, this time the scam did not work out and then the police. The […]

I kill them, they threaten them, they don’t choose the direction in Hodonn

At the end of August, a staff member on Bratislavsk Street in Hodonn took part in the main weapons. “At 15:10 on the former border crossing in Hodonn, two unknown perpetrators entered the guideline and one pulled out a weapon and started to have a glass of pepper,” said Hodon police spokesman Petr Změnak. The […]

Expert: et teenagers ignore esk characters, they are not for n in

The youngest Czech generation enjoys shopping, giving priority to supranational features. Especially those who are massively promotional. esk characters are not good enough for many “nctilet”. The new esk and high-quality project wants to change that. “The current teenager prefers to buy a European or non-quality domestic emblem based on the massive advertising of a […]

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