Saturday May 14, 2022

This year, SIPO celebrates 45 years and is still one of the most used forms of payment

The most sought-after method of paying a household fee is SIPO. The service with the unabashed name of the central collection of payments of the population is operated by the Czech Republic and has been operating in such unchanged form for 45 years. You can pay the help with concession fees, energy, but also insurance. […]

GSM banking in practice: what does it look like?

What do the GSM Banking menus at individual banks look like? It is possible that they are known similarly. Depending on the number of functions offered, the number of displayed items and sub-items will of course always be the same. Finding the balance is simple, as well as different information. The last domestic order to […]

Belarus has given up its efforts to save the currency, with a high devaluation

Belarus has given up its efforts to save the currency and has all been restricted in moving its course. The details are not clear yet, but the government and the central bank have stated in a joint statement that as soon as the new exchange rate is set, the commercial banks will be able to […]

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