Wednesday May 25, 2022

Slovakia wants to pay in euros in two years, the Union is a flight

In 2009, Slovakia would join the countries that pay in euros. The European Union has been carrying this. For the first time, the Slovak government has admitted that it cannot be enforced in European institutions. This follows from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which was approved by the Ficv cabinet. “The determination to ensure the […]

Neas invites John to the carpet. He wants to get in, he flew to Ostrava by helicopter

Prime Minister Petr Neas demands an explanation, for the Minister of the Interior Radek John and Police President Oldich Martin flew to Ostrava and Krnov by helicopter. Police and civilians who were present at the Krnov border were appreciated here. According to John, they only took advantage of regular training years. John was criticized by […]

Kalousek wants to win with the ODS with the help of Tpfer, Okamura and Franz Kafka

Emphasis on tourism, promotion of Prague abroad, new spaces for modern art and more culture in the streets of the metropolis. These are the priorities of one of the candidates for mayor and leader of the ODS for Prague 1, Jan Kalousek. I like the tm expert, you actor Tpfer or businessman Okamura. “Prague is […]

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