Thursday Jan 20, 2022

tonk with grants from the krnovsk smnrna was a good hunter who gave birth to a neighbor

He was desperate, mon. So explain the motif of the tonka, who missed the Thursday with two grants and a pistol in his hand, dropped the direction in Krnov, his birth. The editor of MF DNES spoke to them in their house in Moravský Beroun in the Olomouc region. In an interview with them, out […]

Grant in Krnov was especially sailed by an unsuccessful and indebted businessman

Although the police keep the details secret, the man who missed Thursday tried to rob the direction in Krnov and paid off the grant when he was arrested, the businessman Milan D. from Moravský Beroun was especially indebted and indebted for 43 years. In his residence, the police discovered a cell arsenal, Prima television reported. […]

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