Monday Jan 24, 2022

f World Bank: Let’s talk about the reintroduction of the gold standard

The world economies should consider reintroducing a modified gold standard. This was suggested in the British Financial Times by the president of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick. According to him, the introduction of this system could help to balance the trade exchange, which was derailed by the artificially undervalued exchange rate in January. According to […]

A new wolf would disrupt the global economy, the world’s leaders agreed

The World Finance is at a meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in Washington have disputes over exchange rates. They agreed that the so-called monk wolf would undermine the kehk growth of the worlds economy. Some countries have recently downgraded their currency to gain business benefits. This is not the case, […]

The largest investors in the world get rich on which fglech: get inspired

Every investor examines the world on the stock, commodity or currency markets every day. Each of those who have achieved great investment in investing and have issued large pensions while using other practices in accordance with other rules. But they all follow one basic rule. One common sense is much more than a hundred investinch […]

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