Wednesday May 25, 2022

NB will pick up the years

According to analysts, the seven main banks of the country, ie the board of the Czech National Bank, will rise years on Thursday at their regular meetings. According to a Reuters survey, 14 out of 15 analysts think so. years would reach no more than dark in five years. “No one in the financial market […]

Slovakia wants to pay in euros in two years, the Union is a flight

In 2009, Slovakia would join the countries that pay in euros. The European Union has been carrying this. For the first time, the Slovak government has admitted that it cannot be enforced in European institutions. This follows from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which was approved by the Ficv cabinet. “The determination to ensure the […]

Czech Republic can reduce the deficit to a percentage of GDP within five years

The Ministry of Finance and the Czech National Bank have agreed that the public finance deficit should fall below one percent of gross domestic product in the medium term. This was stated by the Internet server Euro, with the fact that this volume contains a new version of the strategy of the introduction of the […]

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