Friday May 20, 2022

Choose what insurance companies offer in the compulsory liability

All domestic insurance companies offer insurance liability for the operation of a motor vehicle. It is therefore difficult to find your way around them and choose the most suitable variant for yourself. Alliance pojiovna www.allianz.czinfoline: 800 170 000health / property insurance limits: zkladn 35/35, zven 50/50, nejvy 100/100 milion korunmaximln bonus: 50% + 5% bonus […]

Konm: How to get out of the pension fund?

Do you need an urgent pension? You may remember your retirement pension agreement and think that you would probably be able to rely on it first. This is not possible without several administrative requirements. And here I have a problem. Wrong at what stage the contract is, and whether it will follow the formal page […]

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