Friday May 20, 2022

Telebanking test 2006: results

Bank on call is a relatively cheaper price for clients to manage their pensions, even though the internet is cheaper. Which bank offers the best services at a reasonable price?

We tested for vs nine banks with active telebanking. We evaluated the services in terms of availability (how long the client connects to the operator and how long it takes no one-time payment), functionality (range of services offered by phone), prices and security.

Against the lord, the number has changed from fourth to first place, esk spoitelna, which thus became part of the entire Telebanking Test 2006. Due to the range of services offered, attractive prices and availability, it became at the highest level.
even if the security is weak compared to other banks (especially those that have other security elements than a password and PIN).

The type of city was occupied by SOB, its only weakness is the range of services offered. EBanka and ivnostensk banka owe me a fort and a quarter. Losk vtz – Raiffeisenbank – fell due to changes in prices and a small difference in the availability of services at all banks compared to last year.

The last place was GE Money Bank, which has a classic bank on the phone, offers its clients only a vending machine and, in the case of an infoline query, which of course affects the range of services, but also the speed of any transaction.

Who offers the best service-price-availability ratio?

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