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Ten zsadnch work from the tenth personalist to working life

It is not easy to employ unemployed people and find employment. The graduates of the bikes should also find work. Here are the tips of Czech HR professionals on how to get to know each other and start their career.

1. Can I take the work to which he is standing, not what I have achieved?
Answer by Adriana Klmkov
, konzultantka Accountancy & Finance, Hays Czech Republic:
If the work is interesting and appealed to the company you would rather work for, then yes. With a large number of job offers for professionals, either a university degree or a university degree with experience is required. This is one of the important factors that can decide the outcome in a selection of women, even regardless of the level of distance.

I recommend focusing on her practical work experience during her studies. Whatever the demand for a long distance is always in the hands of the employer. It will be not only a smaller scope of responsibility and the organized culture of the company, but also the fact that, in the case of career development, the employee can get into a position that will require a high level of education.

2. Am I worth retraining right after the round, when I can’t find a job in my field?
Answer Lenka Novkov
, HR director personlnporadensk of Randstad:
During their studies, young people should watch what the situation on the labor market looks like in the field they are studying. In addition to information from the copper, they can draw on the experience of their colleagues who have left the bike. If the situation is not favorable, they should try to increase their competitiveness in the form of optional subjects or language courses. The best in terms of future employment is to work and study experience and work habits during the study. Don’t end up in a vicious circle where the employer requires practice, you don’t have it, but you can’t get it until someone gets employed. Retraining is, and last but not least, a case where you do not find a number of cities.

3. Can I look for work abroad? And you even outside the field and in positions that do not correspond to my distance?
Answer David Petr, Managing director Hill International:
Yes. Improve your language skills, learn about customs, country culture and other corporate environments. It is a difficulty in the birth of personal and work contacts, inspiration for career and sometimes the possibility of an interesting career shift within the global scope of the employer. Increase your price on the labor market after the return. Students with the last years or graduates who have completed their studies and are willing to work for a low salary or for the first year for free have the opportunity to get a job abroad. In Europe, due to economic problems in some member states, five and three times as many job seekers are looking for a job compared to the past. Candidates must be prepared for nron and all women. There was an administrative burden (filling out the form, proof of experience), requirements for language skills, necessary to participate in the assessment center, followed by interviews with HR managers and department heads. It is important to think about and spend the cost of living abroad in time.

4. Which pt vc in the CV gave the best impression on the employer?
Odpovd Drahoslav Lev, marketing specialist Grafton Recruitment:
Writing an impressive and engaging curriculum vitae is a matter of fact and it is always necessary for you to approach each of the offers to which the candidate responds, individually and directly.

Therefore, the main advice is: find out as much information as possible about the position and the company and read the CV and motivated letter to write as much as possible. Avoid the whole weapon. You don’t have to write in your resume what you’ve ever said, but think about what my relationship has to do with the job you are looking for. And don’t forget that your resume must be stringed, true, written and spelled correctly. And when the candidate lists a significant reference person with full contacts, this will increase his or her credibility in future employers.

5. Doesn’t it hurt me when I go abroad to work as a volunteer?
Odpovd Romana Martincov
, Senior Business Manager firmy Reed:
The potential employer introduces such experience or confirms your courage, will, independence and ability to orientate oneself in a foreign, culturally different environment. All these characteristics are very valuable attributes of the labor market today. Volunteering is also a manifestation of certain moral values ​​and priorities, which can be appreciated especially by companies that are engaged in the field of social responsibility. If you decide to travel abroad as a volunteer, do not hesitate that the uritch employer will be very positive. What I would like to advise all students and graduates is the contact with selected employers and the first long years of work experience during her studies. After starting your studies and returning from abroad, you will start and work on your career.

6. When do I get a job outside the field of study, don’t you hurt me?
Answer Barbora Tomovsk
, spolenost Touchdown Czech Republic:
For them. If you have a degree and want to do something else, it’s logical. If it’s a real thing, because you can’t find work in your field, it’s a mon. Then keep an eye on what’s going on in your field, look at the interesting skin and return to this work area. Practice should never hurt. It is especially time for graduates, so it is necessary to be flexible and accept the work, which will at least fill up a bit, and then consider taking steps.

7. Can I work for you for free, for example as a hundred, just to have a place?
Answer of Jaroslav Rezlerov, CEO of ManpowerGroup and also President of the Association of Personal Services Provider:
However work experience is good. Even with a university degree, you can take a brigade at the cash register in a supermarket. It pays to look for financially undervalued work and even unpaid during the study, in which you can do something. You will receive a lower salary for a year, but then you can strive for another position within the company.

Many graduates take up postgraduate positions in assistantships. Gain a variety of experiences, find out what time they are, and they can profile themselves. A number of companies identify their future talents and long-term internships, in which employees have priority over external candidates. As a graduate, you have to pay somewhere. Most of the ideas about curry are fixed and in the first years of work.

8. Is it good to withdraw from salary requirements in a careful manner? And how much?
Answer by Lenka Hauptmanov
, konzultant Permanent Placement Adecco:
When it comes to work, it is always important to compare priorities. Reduce the salary yes, but at the moment when the company offers other bonuses not only financially rewarding, when there is a clear vision of the process, when it is possible to learn new things, develop and build your career. In general, I recommend young people in particular to reduce their salary requirements, if the company seems open to them during the interview, it will offer them a vision for the future. It is better to fill her position in a promising company and move over time in knowledge and competencies not to start for a fairly motivating salary, but without regard to progress and further education. I recommend dreaming of wage requirements in a reasonable amount, by a maximum of 20 and 25 percent.

9. If I can’t find the application, can I study again? Do you have languages ​​or put a field?
Answered by Jan Kozina
, editor of Trenkwalder:
Definitely yes. A large number of people who cannot find work for a long time are generally or you just have a basic distance. There are a lot of retraining courses available today, and there are also those on offer where graduates will provide, for example, a full-time internship within a subsidized job. The presence of labor in the labor market significantly increases the knowledge of the language. In addition to anglitin, it is very dleit nmina. Germany is also a business partner. He has given an improved improvement in the job prospects of finding a job – not only because he or she learns something new. During the course, they have their horizons, get new ones and make sure that their situation is not hopeless.

10. As a fresh graduate, should I consider entrepreneurship if I can’t find a job?
Odpovd Ren Kuchr
, executive and owner of the Student Agency
Entrepreneurship itself is a far more complex and difficult way of living, it is not employed by any company or state institution. Wrong for what reason you want to start a business: whether you really have a good business idea, or whether, due to a lack of jobs, look for a living, or an employee on a trade license, the so-called varcsystm. For the first case, I can approve the business. Of course, in addition to good change, you must have financial, ethnic leadership, related legislative processes, and more. Kind of case, unfortunately far more often, I do not recommend fresh graduates. Although you will find a lot on the Internet anywhere, it is mostly a business activity, always with the word “reward according to the work done”. It does not have much in common with the business, in addition, the graduate-entrepreneur gets a fine when checking the labor inspection, which varcsystm member searches.

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