Friday May 20, 2022

Tens of thousands of building spoons will end up in the hands of executors

The construction spade pad still stands behind both executors. Spoitelny records on tech client meziron nrst foreclosures by a percentage point. Sttu then returns millions of crowns from pipsanch support.

Execution concerns not only contracts for which the obligatory period has expired and clients have thus gained the right to state support, but also contracts where the people have been for less than six years. In these cases, the savings bank only supports the pipe and in the event that two are bent on the building joint, they drill it.

Thousands of clients saw deposits in the building society

This year, the executives went to a building society with a thousand clients. Most of them are mentioned by Raiffeisen stavebná spoitelna, which records nine thousand cases. “The number of delivered execution orders increased by 20 percent compared to last year,” said epic from Raiffeisen stavebn spoitelny. The number of delivered first powers, which shows how many contracts actually fell for both executors, even recorded a mezzanine nrst of 68 percent.

The rise of foreclosures on building societies is also confirmed by building societies. For example, Buinka recorded a 30 percent nrst, the Blue Pyramid on a bird.

Helena Dukov, her spokesperson, described the situation in Wstenrot stavební spoiteln: Last year, they also recorded about 17 percent more confiscated building society contracts in Eskomoravská stavební spořitelna.

In the case of contracts for which the end of the year has not expired and is affected by foreclosure, the building society must return the written support to the aid. Ron, it’s millions of crowns.

Exekun pkaz will block et client

The Ministry of Finance keeps records of concluded building society contracts. The executor finds out about the long-term savings by looking into his database or a specific building society. So he can’t keep them secret from the executors. “The building association is based on the person of the owner here, even as soon as the executor starts searching for it once it exists and it exists, so find out, because he has a year for this information,” adds bailiff Tom Vrna from the Bailiff’s Office in Perov.

The execution process is in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Court. After delivery of the execution order, the building society will block the client and collect the receivables. The client loses the opportunity to freely manage his pensions. Building societies do not automatically inform the client about blocking here. He should receive this information from the executor. It takes several months from the blocked pension to the time the first power is delivered. During this period, the debtor can pay the debt.

As soon as the building society receives notification of the first power, no later than the next day pay the executor the pension from the client here. If there is enough pension for the castle of the client’s union, after payment the blockage will be canceled and the client will opt for his contract as needed.

“If the bag for the balance is not needed to pay off the client’s debt, we are watching him another six months. If in this lht on et pipsny gave deposits, we pour the pension on et executor. If there are no letters, the execution will end after six months, ”adds Hana Vankov from Modr pyramids.

Execution of deposit no contract

You do not have to worry that the foreclosure has ended during the period of your building savings and the savings bank will charge penalty fees for non-compliance with the tax conditions in the contract.

Execution on this building partner will not end. “If the execution is before the expiration of the time limit, a new time limit is set from the date of payment, ie the new cycle continues,” adds Helena Dukov from Wstenrot stavebn spoitelny.

According to you can continue with the existing contracts and from the subsequently written deposit for a number of years and for the state support. The bag will be paid out and a new return period will expire.

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