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Termnovan et, or podlov fond?

Money market fund returns are low due to minimal risk. They should also cover years of rates on bank deposits, which are additionally taxed. On the Czech market, the offer of money funds denominated in Czech crowns is available wide. Is it worthwhile to pay a term or share a fund?

Money market funds represent for small investors the opportunity to participate in a large interbank market, which is otherwise closed to him. The optimal investment horizon is considered to be a period of at least 6 months, during which the investment is exempt from 15% of taxes.

The funds invest the funds in the purchase of public treasury bills and quality bonds with short maturities. When investing in money market mutual funds, which are associated with very low risk and therefore low return, entry fees are very important, which have a significant impact on overall performance.

Penn catch funds: maximum return 2.16%

The annual returns of money fund funds kept in Czech crowns in 2005 range from 1.50% to 2% on average. roen termnovanch vklad offered for a period of one year by bank stocks, at the end of last year it was within one percent. The ING Konto account, which a year ago saw a year-on-year increase of 2.10% (1.78% after tax), fell sharply to 1.70% (1.44% after tax) during the year. ).

The share of money market funds in CZK
Podlov fond/Index entrance fee vkon for 1 year
Conseq Invest Conservative 0,50% 2,16%
IKS Penn trh 0,00% 1,88%
SOB entries 0,00% 1,66%
ISS Sporoinvest 0,30% 1,61%
HVB fond penn. trhu Plus 0,30% 1,57%

Source: UNIS k 30.12 .. AKAT k 29.12.

Eurotel started the year with a healthy call. Who wants it the most?

The highest valuation of the assets of its sub-funds in the category of cash-based mutual funds was achieved Conseq Invest Conservative, the input was 2.16%. The aim of the fund is to provide investors with a return and a stable value of investments in the medium term, namely by investing in bonds and short-term securities. The better performance of the fund compared to the competition is achieved by creditworthy debt securities. The composition of its portfolio is more than a bond fund. In the case of the purchase of unit certificates of this fund, the investor should realize that there is up to 0.5% in the entry fee, also if they are sold within half a year, the tax on this investment would be lost and 15% of the tax would be expected to go. There are two funds worth paying attention to IKS Penn trh a SOB entries, which have zero entry fees and achieve above-average yield in their groups.

Burst stock market for December pipsala tm 5%

According to the index S&P 500, which represents a market value of 500 securities in major industries, the US stock market has stagnated. Technologick Nasdaq lost more than a percentage. On the contrary, European actions have succeeded. The German DAX index posted more than 4% and the stock index hit PX-50 tm 5% profit. Shares of the energy company EZ (+ 8.4%), the real estate group ORCO (+ 8.4%) and the company Philip Morris R (+ 7.2%) contributed the most to the growth. In the table below, let’s list the catches of funds with the best performance for MSC December.

Best performance – December
Shares Nzev fond Vkon of 1 msc
Domc AKRO stock fund money economics 2,64%
Abroad Franklin Templeton Japan Fund Class A 21,50%
Smen Nzev fond Vkon of 1 msc
Domc UNDER stedoevropsk 3,82%
Abroad Templeton Global Balanced Fund 6,76%
Bonds Nzev fond Vkon of 1 msc
Domc AIG FCE Central European 1,24%
Abroad Templeton Emerging Markets Bond Fund 4,37%
Penn Nzev fond Vkon of 1 msc
Domc PI – OPF Pennho Market 0,17%
Abroad Unigestion-Global “Max 3 Roky” (CHF) 0,47%

Source: UNIS k 30.12 .. AKAT k 29.12.

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