Wednesday May 25, 2022

Test: Do you know how you protect your health insurance card and how you travel?

Go on holiday abroad and you would like to protect yourself against unexpected expenses. Then you definitely need as much information as possible about travel insurance. Although they will provide the necessary and urgent work abroad even within the scope of compulsory health insurance, it will not always be enough.

Many people are convinced that traveling abroad without a closed travel insurance is definitely not paid. The wall will protect me from some due to the obligation of a compulsory health insurance, but you will still have to look into your wallet quite often.

At the same time, the agreed travel insurance is not so large and so much in the filled holiday expenses. The daily rate is in the breath of several plates of crowns and it pays to invest. All this will save me from the many exits you would have to pay for cleaning, hospitalization or pick-up.

Some people want to take active holidays, play sports. Various sports activities are included in the basic offer of many facilities. Jin you have to insure. It pays to go through the offer of individual commercial associations and be interested in whether they have sports included in their basic offer. You can then save a few hundred crowns extra.

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