Friday May 20, 2022

Test: Do you know what you have to do when the flight is canceled and canceled?

According to the ruling of the Court of Justice of the EU, passengers, their flight is delayed by more than several hours, have the right to pay several thousand. Not only the length of the flight is important for compensation, but also the reason why the flight was delayed or canceled.

Compensation may only be claimed if the flight has been canceled or canceled due to circumstances which the airline may have prevented.

In the event of a flight being canceled, passengers may request reimbursement of the code if the airline informs them immediately less than two weeks before the scheduled departure and does not allow them to re-route the flight, which would allow them to travel at the same time.

Do you know your first in air travel? And do you know what you are entitled to in case of complications? Try n test, which was prepared in cooperation with the portal, the intermediary of the application of compensation in air transport.

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