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Test in tern. Or we didn’t buy titanium ndobs for it

You do not find some goods in normal stores. D can only be bought from doorstep sellers or at a sales presentation. The tactics of the sellers are very innate and inventive. You may succumb without breaking the contract. The test revealed it.

Vyrm to the congress service of a Prague hotel for the presentation of a healthy dining room. An invitation that arrived in my mailbox two times that it’s not just about cooking. The website address on the invitation will point to the Czech pot maker and seller.

If I come with a partner, a new and a new type of mobile phone, the company promises 11 years of activity. but I have to confirm.

Business tactics are enhanced by arm

But and Martin, who also sells in previous events, can do his job masterfully. The nine of them who arrived at the presentation pour a glass of sparkling wine and, after a drink, choose the first business tactics. “Goods are not cheap, the whole set will cost 73 thousand crowns and you can only buy a complete set,” said on the Ale level.

Both sellers arm and play a two-hour theater, during which they try to make sure that even at a high price it is a matter of peak quality and exceptional usefulness, which is worth the weight. “Save energy, keep your health healthy and your kitchen will not be as confusing as when cooked in normal life. Even umvn is easy to drink, it can be easily opened, ”said the seller, and tasted two dishes.

We must admit that what pots and pnve um is really unique. In a few steaming sets, several dishes can be cooked at once in a few minutes – meat, potatoes and vegetables. On titanium pvvi pik, with a special click, the chicken thigh gets a golden neck after five minutes and in the next ten minutes the food is ready with potatoes. The hob is set to the lowest level and the nickel under the knob is minimal.

The presentation of Alee and Martin is also supported by one of the present pr. “You’re really great at it, we have some experience with it,” say the others. “And can you cook in pots on an induction hob?” ptm se. “We make it anyway, but they are expensive,” the seller responds. I will not know how much the price is for you.

Do not bring the purchase contract closer to the seller

Not a word is said during the presentation about how the buyer can pay for the goods. Nobody wears tens of thousands of crowns and it is probably not possible to pay by card. I will not even know if it is possible to withdraw from the purchase contract and how to proceed. Whether the goods can be considered, how many crowns the dark will buy and what will happen when it is late with the installment.

The information that comes to us But literally, is about the dangers of stainless steel and old enamel pots. It thus underscores the competition and the quality of the Czech product is underlined by the fact that there has been a mark on it for 15 years. “Nobody else has it!” emphasizes and bravurn manages even critical reminders.

If the pots are of good quality and, in contrast to bnm, they are accepted, in the end everyone will acknowledge. “That’s the price!” answer with a sigh. Until this moment, the sellers needed to get us. But he invited everyone invited to get up from the idol and come to him.

Let’s find out that the buyer does not want to force anyone to buy the goods first, or they will receive only three of their chosen ones, for a price that will not be the original 73 thousand crowns. The whole set is decorated with kites – a free titanium remo valued at seven thousand, a single steaming attachment and a small television. “Well, don’t buy it!”

Only selected can buy ndob

The seller holds three glossy suits, which are a ticket to buy. Sl shuts up. He put the first suit in my hands. In the preparation of the purchase contract, the original 73 thousand crowns shrunk, even to 48 thousand, which is more than double the current average Czech salary. “I don’t have to,” to the woman But so chose. She probably drank only for the promised cell phone and veei.

I take over the purchase agreement and the next page to read the terms and conditions. Signing it recklessly and spitting is always a gamble. Especially the presentation was completely sparse on this information. Psmenka lutm bez brl jen tko. But don’t dream of being surprised. It is probably not possible that after a two-hour show, someone wants to read the text of the business contract. He gave the chosen seat at the second table it didn’t even occur to him.

I just have to get a contract in town, I can’t take it home. It is immediately clear that the customer can withdraw from the purchase contract. But he gave two questions that I would have a problem if I picked up and researched at home. “These are business conditions,” says the seller.

When asked if it is possible to buy on vr, I will find out more about the installments and the name of the company that provides the loan. How many crowns will it take to get dark and how long will I pay, but the Ale bag didn’t. I refuse the offer, take out the business card and end the test. In the presentation of the purchase contract and the explanation of the detail of the business conditions, which are as important for the customer as the demonstration of the year itself, the seller failed.

The company Top Moravia Q, which now manufactures and sells, has changed after the test. “We have decided to equip each sales representative with separately printed business conditions, which we can receive at the request of the recipient,” concludes Roman Zavadil, founder and majority owner of the company.

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