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Test of financial advisors: even if they smile, they are about pensions and references

We contacted five companies to process financially. We found the differences, but it is guaranteed that the financial advisors will ask for references immediately at the first meeting. The information provided may not always be correct. For example, we learned that matesk will not be retired. The opposite is true.

We gave a relatively simple back to the advisors we contacted through the company’s website, because the combinations for the family would probably be compared. So I came up with a brand new Jolana Novková:

– I am freshly divorced, I am 44 years old, my daughter became independent on her own. The pension has always been taken care of by the husband, and I would also like to understand it, put together how you are and start saving for retirement.

– I work as a worker, I have 18 thousand crowns, I have two and three thousand left. I live in a nice apartment, but it’s with a friend, I also pay for living only about five thousand crowns a month. At the same time, my mother’s apartment is in Prague, and because I am the only one, I will probably look at it.

– I remember retiring CZK 200 into a pension fund and CZK 500 is my long-term investment in a Pioneer fund. I have a household, the bite is a liability insurance for a million crowns.

– In November, I finished the building savings, spent something and I had 70 thousand crowns left.

At Partners, the counselor probably looked at me: the client doesn’t just bake the Internet so much, so be careful. In the end, it remained only in the wall.


They called OVB and after 14 days. I sat down with the counselor, but she didn’t have time to process it. For the first time, apart from machine-gun speech, I was fascinated by an emergency – she found an error in the household insurance policy. A friend who prepared fictitious contracts for me wrote the expiration date by mistake by quite two, we did not “sign” the insurance. The other advisers, who copied the contract with you and examined it for a week, did not notice that you were not even valid.

Finann full vm consultants create mostly free of charge. Fill in the products listed in full in the bag yourself. We will then receive a commission for the agreed orders from the financial houses. ZFP academy will probably recommend you on the seminar, because you must first understand the whole issue. On a knee that costs 2,100 crowns, find out that it is basically a pyramid system. When you see you give duos to their company, you will have a commission again from you. This allows 2 100 crowns to be drilled several times.

Mm volnch 70 00 tisc, msn uetm ti tisce, co mi nabdli


How quickly did they respond: In turn.

First impression: Luxurious environment, miles and enthusiasm of advisors. A thorough explanation of the company, the financial fullness and its individual components awaited the meeting. And very thorough and detailed.

Investin questionnaire: We sail, even twice.

Meeting type: The consultant has prepared for me a great company announcement, in which it is comparable in the pastry. First, let’s go through the whole as a whole, then explain in detail the individual products, including the fee. Offer several variants. In the end, he lends me the documents to the financial full. Meeting time two hours, twelve minutes.

Finann pln:

– It is recommended to keep the property insurance, to wind the liability insurance by two million for 412 crowns.
– Pension pipojitn snit per 100 crowns.
– Keep Pioneer’s investment in its current form, ie CZK 500 million.
– Securing investment program Atlantic 800 crowns per month, fee before 7,517 crowns. Sweat with 6% appreciation.
– P Invest money market 20 thousand crowns one-off – available reserve.
– C Quadrat Dynamik 50 thousand crowns one-off, fund with interesting appreciation, long-term investment.
– Investin ivotn pojitn Axa 1 227 korun msn. The system is a single fuse: once with permanent consequences (fuse 550 thousand, in the case of an external one, the progressive number and five). Benefits in incapacity for work have a financial reserve, in case of a deposit of 100 crowns / day from the 21st day only (repayment). at one time it costs 227 crowns a month, the rest to the fund of strategic allocation of assets, over time the pension will move to conservative products. Average rated 6%.

Msn I will pay: 2,961 crowns (fuses and spoons).

Naspom: 1,106,000 crowns up to 65 years.

Perlika: At the end of the first meeting, your counselor is recommended. I have prepared a separate file on it, where on the paper and on 13 sheets I will find 72 dk, where I can fill in the contacts on the light and stamp. To be objective: he points out that he can do so, and how satisfied I will be, and I do not have to fill in.

Broker Consultinglogo BROKER

How quickly did they respond: In turn.

First impression: Solid environment, solid advisor. A string, but a clearly presented offer of the company.

Investin questionnaire: We’re leaving.

Meeting type: Definitely the shortest meeting, 38 minutes. My advisor brought reinforcements to her in the form of a young, at first glance, man. Pr is an expert on one of the products that are part of the proposed full. He worked as a sales specialist. I heard from him a classic question like: Lb do you suggest a one? Yes, and what if you took him home today? I had an uneasy feeling of pressure.

Finann fully presented globln, details inseparable, I did not receive information about the expected evaluation, about the fees. I didn’t get anything with me, I had to take notes.

Finann pln: With all my retirement options, I don’t have as much as I need; I should definitely save any extraordinary income.
– Keep insurance households.
– Keep the Pioneer investment fund.
– Pension fund reduced from 200 crowns to 100.
– New European pension plus savings of approx. 1,500 crowns per month, the insurance costs one million (lasted the consequences of the accident), 400 thousand disabilities (I had to ask for the content of the insurance, they did not automatically share it with me), which will cost about 400 crowns .
– New investment P P, new CZK 1,600.

Response to competition: At the second meeting, the consultant immediately asked how I had approached the competition, he suggested to me repeatedly that he was willing to assess the financially fully competitive company.

Perlika: At the first meeting, I received a dragon, a voucher for 5,950 crowns for one of my friends for two consultation hours to process the financial full, in particular the form of how to read the recommendation.

Msn I will pay: 3 462 crowns.

Naspom: At the age of 65, I will have 1,811,000 crowns available, but there are also unspecified pensions from the state.

Kapitol CAPITOL logo

How quickly did they respond: In turn.

First impression: The consultant quickly and clearly presents the company and we analyze it. I have a huge formula, but I only ask some questions. For example, he does not examine the state of health at all, although he will later propose a one-off insurance policy.

Investin questionnaire: We don’t sail.

Meeting type: Vcn and clearly explains fully as a whole and immediately walks to the individual proposed bites. It describes them in detail, thoroughly acquaints me with the fees. I had no problems with me. 52 minutes.

Finann pln: He suggests finding out how much I would get if I terminated Pioneer’s investment. He warns that I will lose the fee of CZK 3,600, which I invested in the pot, but he recommends the C Quadrat fund, which is run in a different way – the decline in the crisis was not so deep, the deposits copy the current trend. Sv claims to support charts on the Internet.
– Fund C Quadrat is a part of the connective Perspective 7BN, where it will be connected once again.
* Lasted results lasted 400 thousand with progressive filling (with three results, full settlement and multiple stitches).
* Stay in the hospital (when I will be in the hospital on the same night, I will receive 500 crowns from the first day).
* Death 10 thousand crowns, death except 100 thousand crowns.
* Physically handicapped (had once without permanent consequences) 50 thousand crowns.
I would pay 197 crowns msn for various verses.
– In total, even with a spoic verse, it would cost me Perspective of 1,500 crowns msn. Sweat is made with a deposit of 50 thousand crowns (the rest of my building savings), which eliminates the risk of death. Model required with 8% evaluation.
– Retire the pension, the household insurance, so that at the date of the year it could replace it with a quarter-cheaper insurance (company discount).

Response to competition: The company’s competitor noted the consultant, he even recommended me. He praised me for his deliberation in the harvest.

Perlika: I’m looking for my advisor and my assistant, in addition to my pin, is a company magazine. My eye catches a photo of a sports club. Caption: The children assembled the vtz grade themselves. Well, the reporter is on the pope, but don’t speak much in Czech.

Naspom: At the age of 65, I will have 993 thousand crowns at my disposal.

Msn I will pay: 1,961 crowns.

Partnerslogo PARTNERS

How quickly did they respond: Kind of day.

First impression: Konen somewhere I’m not the only client. I immediately got to the branch manager. It’s probably time, the other advisers in glass cocoons seem to me and are still young. String and clearly explained to me the benefits of the company and on foot to the mm problems. I will get basic advice right in town, let’s agree that when I come five, we’ll be right in.

Investin questionnaire: We don’t sail.

Finann pln:
– Keep existing products.
– The consultant recommends a savings in building savings – and due to the need for future investment in the right apartment, he proposes a customs duty of 400 thousand crowns, and a savings of 1,700 crowns.
– Navit penzijn pipojitn na 500 korun, zajmat se o pspvek zamstnavatele.
– Dt to podk property things around the matinee of the apartment, the counselor recommends to have the drustevn written down on me.
– He was the only one to recommend tips for external income: for example hldn dt.

Response to competition: He responds to the change in the competition with a note: “It’s yours, but I’ll work hard to choose us.”

Perlika: I get a lot of advice, including several diets. He is the only one interested in the insurance of the apartment, which I should inherit the insights.

Naspom: For 6 years approx. 140 thousand with the possibility of vzt si vr.

Msn I will pay: 2,961 crowns.

ZFP Academylogo ZFP

How quickly did they respond: in those days.

First impression: I was surprised that the consultant started by introducing the company together with information about how much the hotel they have. I don’t care at all. He explains to me that their whole concept is based on three pillars – building savings, pension benefits, tax dispute programs and a comprehensive life program. They have the only way to connect these products that will teach me on my knees. It is on Saturday and costs 1,500 crowns. Thanks to him, I get a commission, which I otherwise pay by consulting. After a while, I agree. I have to pinst cash in order to send them unintentionally.

coal: The seminar is currently organized, in the basic course we met over 60. Lecturers look good and talk for a long time. It doesn’t take me too long, I won’t reveal that this is a new seminar on the way of selling, which is multilevel marketing. After a full day of kneeing, I make an appointment for the second meeting – my sponsor (the guy who poured me into it) reminds me of my first combination (that’s what it’s called financially here). This time there will be a commission, which is halfway through me, when I “combine” someone else, I will send the whole thing.

Finann pln:

. extraordinary deposit of life insurance.
– Property insurance does not change.
– Pioneer’s investments cost 500 crowns a quarter.
– Establish a building association with a total amount of 750 thousand crowns, but I will send only 500 crowns a year, in 6 years of field in December 20 thousand and in January another 20 thousand, I will terminate the contract, and I will immediately receive the support. Preliminary building contracts were concluded and they are worked on similarly.
– Close life insurance Aegon (they did not share it, I saw it in the draft contract). Put the second part of the reserve (50 thousand crowns) on the extraordinary deposit. Bn spoit 2,200 crowns. It is connected in the framework of this
* smrt total 500 tisc korun;
* lasted the consequences of 500 thousand crowns (multiplied and 4 times in the event of an injury – the progress of the time explained);
* insured diseases 300 thousand crowns;
* hospitalization from the 4th day 400 crowns;
* then odkodn v ppad razu 250 korun;
– Conclude another life insurance Kooperativa 5BN (named as a program of tax disputes), the amount is one thousand crowns. The conditions were not explained.

Perlika: The word life insurance does not fall even once during the whole knee. This is refined behind the tax dispute program and a comprehensive life program. Clients are probably sensitive to life.
On his knees, he sat on a young man who introduced himself as an editor in the company. He finished the suit, he performed perfectly. He was aware of me and in the next week I found out where. When I boarded the subway at Nmst Republiky, I flooded him. He stood in the subway, the boards in his hand, and addressed a passerby about the offer of the company.

Msn I will pay: 3,200 crowns.

Naspom: they did not state

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