Tuesday May 24, 2022

Test: Test how you orient yourself in investment terms

It is clear to everyone that the future pensioner will not be able to spend only on the pension. One of the possibilities how to get a pension on the market is to invest in mutual funds and on the stock exchange. It is not easy to get to know the bag and to look forward to it in the future.

To multiply pensions with the help of investments in mutual funds and events is in the Czech Republic in its infancy. Mon also because the people are not very oriented in this area. In order to improve this situation, the financial education of both banks and various companies. One of them is the consulting company Partners, which prepared the game Finance in your pocket.

Out of 120 questions, we chose ten for all, which relate to investment and are among the most difficult. Try to answer n. Find out the correct answers after passing the whole test.

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