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Test: Where to pay to change pensions

Are you going to change your pension on holiday? It will be cheaper in the exchange line than in the bank.

Even if you have the idea that you will pay for a holiday card or use travel tickets, at least some cash is yours. Pay the bank in exchange for the pension, but you can be sure that they will have enough
me. During the season, it is clear in the guidelines that they have little money. I went through a few changes and chose the best exchange rates and fees here, I wanted 200 euros, they had only one hundred euro banknote available, says Jaroslav Novk from Prague.

In the test prepared by the editors of iDNES and MF DNES, nothing like that happened, the euro and the dollar were enough everywhere. When buying euros, the difference between the first and last trader was 165 crowns, for a hundred dollars to pay 151 crowns. In both cases, Alfa Prague was the cheapest in the Fruit Market in Prague.

Non-bank directives are generally cheaper than banks, but our table shows that half-yearly directives can be more expensive. The last city was taken by the first of them, the FEO directive, which operates on the Prague main railway. According to, for example, the results at Chequepoint are interesting, while in the Czech Republics of Budjovice and Harrachov it cost one hundred euros 2856 crowns, in the center of Prague it was 2905 crowns. There was a similar difference when buying the dollar.

You can find courses on the Internet

The well-known guidelines have current exchange rates on their website, so you can go before you leave to compare the required currency to compare, which is suitable. Even if you are determined to go through more guidelines to pay as little as possible, you can find the most suitable course on the Internet compared to the offer of those guidelines that you do not have on your website and that you can personally visit. Some directives also allow you to send the current exchange rate list to your e-mail address. You must keep in mind that the rates may change during the day. This can be done in some exchange elites by booking the amount and exchange rate. For example, the Exchange offers a reservation during the day only on the basis of a telephone conversation, it is possible to state the name, the name, the required currency and the time when you will come for the pension.

Sleva nebv ast

Of course, if you need more, you can get a better course. This limit, from which this salary, to the net amount exchanged for the needs of the holiday, is usually the exchange of 30 and 100 thousand crowns. The only exception is perhaps the Czech Savings Bank, which sells foreign currency even outside the summer event for free, when you change over 10 thousand crowns. Raiffeisenbank and Komern banka also carried out similar actions. In some exchange bags you can get a VIP card when exchanging a certain amount, thanks to which you will always receive a suitable exchange rate, which is practiced, for example, by the Exchange exchange.

You do not pay by shift card

Are you interested in whether you can pay as in a store when changing a payment card? Some people know this. The service is called Cash Advance. Banks expected a little more for it than withdrawing cash from an ATM.

About the smnren test

On Monday, June 12, 2006, the iDNES editors conducted a test in twenty-one guidelines in Prague. They turned to buying the most frequently traded currencies, specifically the euro and the US dollar. They always bought 100 euros and 100 US dollars and evaluated not only the rates offered and the transaction fee, but also the sales documents, willingness and information of the parties.

According to the original regional editors of MF DNES, the cooperation was supplemented by information from non-banking guidelines in some areas of the Czech Republic, so the number of compared guidelines turned out to be thirty.

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How to expect services for 5, 10 and 20 thousand K

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