Wednesday May 25, 2022

The amendment to the bill on the VAT deduction of the lease passed, according to the expert

Leasing is used by both private individuals and entrepreneurs. Operating leasing is suitable for entrepreneurs and anyone can finance it. SOB Leasing saw with operating leasing for private individuals. You asked in an online interview how financially it is suitable.

Finann leasing is the most common and is used by both private individuals and entrepreneurs. All you have to do is pay the first installment in advance, the so-called advance payment, and with the car you are looking for, you can leave the car showroom straight home. You rent the car, but it will be and after the full lease is paid. In addition to the compulsory liability and accident insurance, which is part of the lease payments, you must also pay all costs related to the maintenance of the car.

The lease is paid by the last installment, or redemption or the balance of the price. Then become the owner of the car, only until then it was the property of the company’s leasing.

Operating leases are a classic lease. The car will never be yours and its owner is a leasing company. The service provided by this type of leasing is a good idea. In addition to compulsory liability and accident insurance for all leasing, the company also pays for tax taxes, assistance service and maintenance and repairs.

SOB Leasing has also started to offer operational leasing for private individuals. It is a unique product that uses the amendment to the VAT Act valid until this April. This type of leasing is especially suitable for those who do not want to own, but only to state.

Vybran otzky a odpovdi

OTZKA: How does the lease use the amendment to deduct VAT?
ANSWERS: First, this amendment to the VAT Act allowed the product to be placed on the market. It is promoted in two components: 1. we (our company) deduct VAT from the entry price of the vehicle and thus the installments of the fine are significantly cheaper for you. 2. The price for insurance is after discounts and so the new one is determined from the price without VAT, so the accident insurance is 16% cheaper.

OTZKA: I’m on matesk leave and manel drives us to work. I would like to buy a car only for purchases, but I don’t have much money. What would you advise me?
ANSWERS: We have two alternatives for each: a) if the overall financial situation allows a new type of vehicle with interesting services, e.g. Assume that, after maternity leave, you get to work where you will be using a company car again and therefore do not want to own a car for a long time, then a minivan (eg KIA PICANTO) is suitable for RENT4U; b) if you are on maternity leave with the first child and you have to stay in full household, then we recommend visiting our second-hand car dealership in Akovice, where you can choose from a range of affordable vehicles with a proven origin, for which we also offer financial insurance.

OTZKA: Nen finann vhodnj podit si auto na spoteb. vr not on leasing?
ANSWERS: A certain criterion is your needs (whether you want to own a car or just state), then long-term financing, the fact whether the vehicle is new, whether the importr provides a time-limited subsidy to it, etc. There is no simple rule, I always recommend having the offer calculations processed in variants for both products or for operative leasing.

OTZKA: Please give an example and imagine something specific under it. Let’s say I choose vz in poizovac values ​​of about 500 thousand K. I want to operate it for about 3-4 years. What m will it be msn stt? I do not want an exact number, I have an estimate (10 thousand, 20 thousand, ..)
ANSWERS: In financial leasing, e.g. Octavia code for 530 ths. K (we have a calculation prepared for this way) with an estimated passage for a year of 15 thousand km will be: financial leasing with zero down payment for 3 years with a premium of 18,500.- 800, – K (opt vetn pojitn)

OTZKA: How best to finance the purchase of a used car. I have about 50,000 saved and I would like to buy a car up to 90,000. What is the best thing about co-financing? Leasing? vr?
ANSWERS: I recommend Vm vr, financial leasing is limited for legislative reasons for used vehicles.

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