Wednesday May 25, 2022

The black list of discount port partner is public, ten companies

Bloklist is a joint project of discount portals, which exchange information about untrustworthy partners. Websites are running msc, now they are open for customers as well.

The black list was founded by the owner of the portal, Martin Bare, and the owner of other discount portals originally exchanged experience for them. Customers are so interested in the negative experience with traders, and so the pages are now accessible to them as well.

The first fraudsters are at work

Although the site has been around for a short time, it has been possible to uncover, for example, a fraudulent one who offered ASUS PadFone products on several discount servers under the name of an existing company. The company filed a criminal complaint against him.

Among the public cases, you can find a woman who has paid her pension for bed linen, because she does not pay and does not communicate with the customer or the discount server.

“In the future, we will prepare a column called Greenlist. There you will see partners or sellers who, on the contrary, are absolutely sure and work great with them. The customer does not have to be afraid to take out the discount and the promise, ”points out Martin Bare.

Do you have a bad experience? Svte se

If you have encountered some meanness on the discount portal, you can now fill in the form and report the store on the website. The logging window is only for discount servers, the “Report company” button is used. Do your mucus, and if it really proves that it is not an accidental test, but an fraudulent one, the case will include contact on the water side.

“Thanks to the fact that we have noticed any problems with the discount server, as well as customers, we know that the portal will receive more information. These can then be used to improve the quality of offers on discount portals, ”comments Martin Bare.

Portl m profile on Facebook. Here, too, find out about the news and you can join the discussion yourself. Here you will find alerts about monproblmy at the discount portal

More than two port plates were connected

More than 26 portals from the Czech Republic and Slovakia cooperate on the list of unreliable companies. Pat between n,,, You can find a complete list on the main page of the website in the lower list.

The first and largest discount portals in the Czech Republic so far with the connection of vh. According to the founder of the server Tom, Slevomat has problems with almost a full percentage of business partners. “All partners always go through the written control of the employees of our portal,” says Tom, adding that about 70 percent of those interested in discount marketing will refuse themselves.

“We don’t have to understand how can help us in addition to our standard control mechanisms. If this initiative works for a long time and in the long run, we will definitely get involved, ”does not exclude the cooperation of Tom upr.

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