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The building savings is not available for depreciation, even if it is affected by moles

If the disputed package passes by the end of the year, it will affect everyone who has a building savings contract. For contracts older than six years, pensions can be withdrawn at any time. But it is not always reasonable.

When was the last time the rules of the building society were followed, the changes affected only the contracts that had yet to be concluded. This time, the bags should really affect everyone, including the 2000 treaties.

The new rules are secretly supported by the tax and the tax year. In 2010, the support will be halved, taxed at 50 percent. And since 2011, 10 percent of the support has been reduced, a maximum of CZK 2,000 for all contracts, regardless of the date of conclusion.

The owners of the old contracts wonder if the spoen will pay off.

What about the old contract

If you keep the old contract for a while, so according to less than six years and you have reached a person, you have several options:

• Laugh at the fact that the effective return due to changes will drop from 4.5 to less than three percent, and continue to connect and to the person.
• Contact the savings bank to see if there is any offer, such as a waiver of the fee. A good option for those who are considering a hunt, and for those who do not need a pension right away and want to save for a non-tax bonus.
• Choose another spoof option on the market and then terminate the contract. You can achieve a similar return as on building savings (around three percent) on term deposits, especially in zlotys or investments in hedge funds. Pensions in pay off tech mscch.

Star years in m tax, bonus bag yes

Many people are not even clear about how it will be with dan for years. Will they be taxed back, or just the new ones? “According to the proposal, it is definitely not possible to tax the years that are written on your building society, but only those that will be written on it after January 1, 2011,” said Ale Maansk from the Blue Pyramid. That’s good at first, you won’t lose a star for years.

However, those who have concluded a large number of contracts (concluded before 2001) with the so-called favorable year will not avoid taxation. Spoitelna promised them that they would get 1.5 percent more year, when they would not marry incl. However, the bonus is paid out and the contract is terminated. Also, even if you apply vpov jet today, spoitelna vm bonus pipe a pt rok. The relevant deadline for building spoons is tmsn.

Spoitelny came up with a trick to save the bonus

“We will give you a bonus in this year, so you will avoid its tax,” a similar offer will be met these days by those who have old contracts with a favorable year. “That’s fine, I’m in it,” many clients say. But it will not be free.

The first model is chosen, for example, by the Eskoravian building society. Throw yourself first, who will grow up and keep secret, because in the near future the contract will be terminated.

The type of model chosen, for example, the Blue Pyramid. “I had my son rewind the toll for giving him a pip bonus this year. It was free, and even though he had to sign up for another three years, it didn’t matter, he doesn’t need a pension yet, “said Jana Novotn, her son, who has a contract with this savings bank.

It is a good choice for those who know that they will not need pensions in five years. In addition, the savings will leave the original one percent. The event can be taken out even by those who do not have an old bonus contract. In this way, they can continue to connect with the original conditions free of charge.

Raiffeisen stavebn spoitelna gave me an event for selected clients, but do not provide details. “The conditions are determined individually according to various parameters of the client’s contract,” explains Ivana Moraviov. According to discussions on the Internet, Raiffka’s offer is in the form of the Blue Pyramids. For a bonus bonus, rewind the tariff and extend the contract at the same time.

Potejte ask

It is good to drive before signing to see if hundreds of hundreds are worth it. For example, if you are entitled to a bonus of seven thousand crowns, pay five years and 1,050 crowns. When you terminate the contract two years later than agreed years, pay a savings penalty fee of more than one percent of the fee. For example, a press release of 200,000 crowns, which is the first tax dispute.

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