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The building span will remain attractive even after the cuts, the most profitable in the area

They also have the support of the highest and for the primacy in the competition only the Slovaks. Its in is around those percent. We dissected the proposed changes in the building savings and compared them with the current conditions in the surrounding states. The results show that even a dog is about to be molten for a very long time.

The government of Petra Nease is planning to take place at the construction site. Every year, the number of billions of crowns (approximately 11 billion crowns as of June 30, 2010) is deducted from the state treasury for contributions from the state treasury. If the government enforces all the changes, it will mean the biggest revolution in this popular product.

They also have the highest support in Europe

As in the Czech Republic, our neighbor’s building is very lined. In Austria with about 62 percent of the population, in Germany about a hundred people and in Slovakia kad pt lovk. In these countries, it contributes in a similar way to the contributors as in the US.

While in the Czech Republic it is constant in the amount of support, max. 4,500 resp. 3,000 crowns (25 percent, or 15 percent of the maximum in 18 thousand and 20 thousand crowns, respectively), and the proposed rights are constantly in secret, in Slovakia and Austria is variable. The default parameter for determining the average yields of government bonds on the secondary market.

In Austria, support ranges from t to eight percent from 1,200 euros (approximately 30 thousand crowns), in 2009 it was 3.5 percent, a maximum of 42 euros (approximately 1,050 crowns). In Slovakia, respondents can receive support ranging from five to fifteen percent, currently 12.5 percent, a maximum of 66.39 euros (approximately 1,660 crowns).

The classic support in Germany is 8.8 percent, the maximum bag is 512 euros (approximately 12,800 crowns). The stadium will thus cost me 45.06 euros (approximately 1,127 crowns) for each year. German bags have the most complex building connection system. They can also receive other contributions to the classic support, for example, if they also retire at the same time, even if their employer contributes to them. On the other hand, the classic support from the sttu will be given only to a regular with an income of not 26,500 euros (approximately 662,500 crowns).

If the government’s proposals are accepted in the Czech Republic and the final support has stopped at two thousand crowns, it will still be the highest in our country compared to the surrounding states.

Vnosnost stavebnho spoen v esku stle kles

When deciding on the product in which to save the pension, it is especially important to pay attention to how the pension is made.

In the case of contracts concluded by the end of 2003, at a rate of 18 thousand crowns, the accountant received CZK 500 for a year and 4,500 crowns. After five years, they saved with the support of 112,500 crowns, and thanks to a year they received more than 120,000 crowns. Taking into account the cost (fee for concluding contracts and fees for keeping it), the old contracts reached a yield of about 11 percent.

Since 2004, the stadium has been able to save 146 thousand crowns in six years. Due to the reduced support for three thousand crowns, the yield fell to about six percent.

In the event that the state support will actually be reduced by 50 percent, the load-bearing capacity of building societies will decrease by another 0.4 percent. And with a yield of around those percent, the stockbroker can stumble, if they unite support for two thousand crowns and 15 percent dann year from the deposit.

Profitability in esku is similar to Slovenia

In the Czech Republic, building savings have been and still are an interesting savings product, even with declining yields. Because in the surrounding states the support is based on a different principle than in our country, we can only perform an approximate comparison of payloads.

“The exact calculation of benefits cannot be done abroad, the problem is mainly in the fact that in Slovakia and Austria the support is variable. It doesn’t make much sense for Germany, because there are, and with some exceptions, the focus on humanity, ”says Josef Rajdl, chief analyst at Fincentrum.

However, if we assume more support according to the last year and the usual years of disputes, then in the case of Slovakia the yield indicator will reach about three percent, the Austrian level two percent and Germany three percent.

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