Tuesday May 24, 2022

The change of energy supplier saved them over 20 thousand a year

Energy is again expensive, gas and electricity prices have risen by one percent. By changing the supplier, you can dream of your expenses and your pension will take you on holiday. Pestoe’s theory is simple, life shows how you can run into problems.

How the reasons lead people to change, the FINmarket.cz portal researched. The number of respondents was the impetus for the change of 37 percent of clients and, conversely, for the least respondents they were the impetus for the change representative. Only two percent of respondents stated this reason.

“Even if they are always informed, many of them are pushed by super-friendly offers from door-to-door sellers and want to compare more suppliers in peace. Let us assume that, as before, it will increase according to the transfers that will be made via the Internet, ”to the representative of FINmarket.cz Tom ᚠ Such.

According to analysts, this year compares 14 percent of its gas supplier and nine percent of its electricity supplier.

We will pinpoint a few of the ones who responded to the call in the Eight line in door-to-door salespeople and customer line customers. Someone managed the change with haste, others with me.

UetiIt doesn’t matter the size of the supplier

Mr. Richard lived in a family house in the north of Moravia. He learned about the existence of a better offer three years ago during a working meeting. “Until then, I had no idea to change the supplier to grind,” Richard said. Energy, he originally took electricity from EZ and spent about three thousand a year on the transition, he transferred the gas from RWE and the dispute was to go – for the first year 20 thousand crowns.

Good offers can also be found among large suppliers. The rest proves this. Mr. Eva lives in a small apartment in the south of Moravia. Recently she herself, even if only you and the water on the gas, I can save a year and 1400 crowns by moving from EZ to the company E.ON. It would also charge Ptistovka for electricity, if it went from EZ to X Energie. “We don’t know this company yet,” says Eva, who will only change gas suppliers and will monitor prices accordingly.

They used helpWhen changing the price, you must leave first

Mr Ivan did not have time to look at the revolving gas contract. If he terminates the contract prematurely, the sanction will be so high that it will not cover the dispute. He called the client line for an independent comparison and learned that his supplier had first changed the price list and he would have to terminate the contract free of charge due to disagreement with the price. Ivan had the entire administration handed over with a transfer from the comparison staff and began to take cheap gas from the bureau. In a year, a change of supplier will bring him a dog of three thousand crowns.

But not always the moment comes, sometimes it is better to repent. Mr. Terezauzave a contract for a definite period until 2015. She also asked if there was a way out of the contract and called the client line. “Since it is in our opinion to be long-term and we do not violate the business conditions of the supplier, we have not recommended the transmission yet,” to Tom Such from the FINmarket.cz comparison and added that they kept Mr. Tereza in the database and will contact you before the end of the contract. When choosing a suitable supplier, secure the entire transfer.

NeuetiliVili, neetli, signed and flew

Daldva pbhy have one thing in common. According to research, it seems that people are obese, they are not deceived by an emergency.

Mr. Marie recently visited a merchant from the north who guarantees the best energy prices. Although Marie replied that she is satisfied with her supplier and does not want to change anything, the merchant assured her that he would not change anything, just looking at the price. And dl behaved exactly as we described in the recent article. He wanted to charge for electricity and gas, and he wrote them as a contract for the provision of services. “I signed here, because he made sure it wasn’t a change of energy supplier,” Marie complained. When she signed up for a new supplier, she actually found out the sweat that she had read in a thorough and calm manner.
What for?Pay attention to the contract and conditions, look on the Internet and check the prices. And if Marie does not want to have anything to do with the new supplier, terminate the contract immediately in writing. To be sure, go and contact your current supplier that he did not intend to leave.

Mr. Petr from Jin Morava got a price for a cubic meter of gas from the door-to-door saleswoman. He signed a contract, he did not read the conditions. And so it happened that the city of one hundred crowns zloh (on gas only in) is now paid 250 crowns per month. When he later compared the price list, he found out that although he paid a little less for the supplied gas, at least paulse raised it from six to 196 crowns, so his gas supply became significantly more expensive. In addition, he is contracted for three years, and if he wants to leave two, he would be penalized five thousand crowns.
What for? At the moment, it is not possible to terminate the contract without penalty, I have the opportunity to contact the Energy Regulations.

According to Michal Tvarek, a representative of Optimal Energy, changing suppliers makes sense, but a certain selection procedure must be followed.

“First, I am interested in the calculation prices, then a comparison of both prices – the new and the new supplier. Then pay attention to the five general terms and conditions, where you will find out how the activated fees, penalties for early termination, refund of overpayment, the notice period and how long I subscribe. I prefer a contract for a maximum of a year. For a long time, it means the client’s ability to leave and take risks, ”explains Michal Tvarek.

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