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The city of alimony was paid by the children of the colonies, and I had an execution on my neck

It is the duty of everyone who gives birth to pay the child live. However, the agreement between the partners that the city of alimony will pay the specific costs may not pay off. As a result, the only one who can bet on them is the executor. Evidence of this is the concrete experience of our shadow.

Mr. Petr from Ostrava has been divorced for several years, he has always been valid for two days. But then it was necessary to pay the children of the sheds, so his ex-wife suggested to him, and the city aliment preferred children to the castle specific costs, ie sheds, rings, binders and the like. The father agreed, and the charges he had paid were even prescribed by the court.

As the latter showed, he shouldn’t have done it. He made a deal, but his ex was not. She filed an lawsuit against him for unpaid vivnho. And so, Mr. Peter, as soon as possible, the execution order was paid for 20 thousand crowns for a long-term debt. But that’s not it. The preliminary costs of execution are sent to 96 thousand crowns!

“Executor’s expenses are almost doubled for a long time,” he says. “Mm any anci to arm against it?” pt se. We asked the lawyer Pavel Nastis for an answer.

How is it that the costs of execution for repayment of 20 thousand debt are so high?
According to the execution order, the execution is not only led to the exchange of a long-term bankruptcy in the amount of 20 thousand crowns, but thus to the exchange of a five-year-old bankruptcy payable in the future and to the exchange of the costs of the lawyer’s zenplus remuneration.

stka, thus the executor’s fee is calculated, based on five times ronho vivnho, and it is not 20 thousand, but 320 thousand. To do this, you have to pay the costs of the court and the costs represented by the lawyer in the execution of the woman, so the total recovery will go to you.

Is the amount of 96 thousand for the costs of horse execution?
Urit not, it is only a preliminary vi, made stku nklad execution ur executor in the order to the castle nklad execution. This order is usually issued by the executor in the execution of the execution, and since it can be expected that the execution will not take place for five years, this connection will most likely be. The reward will be paid only for the money that the executor actually recovered.

However, the costs of the court proceedings will remain the same and the costs of representation by a lawyer will also apply. In this case, the remuneration for the lawyer represented is not only one hundred and twenty thousand, but one hundred and twenty thousand. The reward is calculated according to the decree. 484/2000 Sb. and together with the payment of cash and VAT in 26,040 crowns.

How is the executor’s remuneration actually calculated?
The executor’s remuneration and the payment of cash expenses will be based on the decree. 330/2001 Coll. The sweat is reimbursed from the exchange and on the basis of up to t million and fifteen percent of the exchange, at least three thousand.

According to the claims, the executor has to pay in cash, such as fees, telephone fees, travel expenses, cadastral fees and the like in the amount of 3.5 thousand crowns. If the executor’s cash expenses are not incurred in connection with the execution of the execution of this activity, he shall not be reimbursed in full. The executor is obliged to prove these costs.

However, because in this case the execution of the executive is two rights (in the execution of the execution is alive on two children), the half of the cash payment is increased by thirty percent, ie to 4550 K. And if the executor is a payer of value added tax, VAT.

If I do not agree with the costs of execution, do you want to arm yourself?
In the execution of the execution, the executor delivers the order to the debtor, ie the debtor, and the first, ie in this case the lawyer dt, the order to the castle. Both parties must first object to this order within eight days of receipt. The executor will either comply in full and issue an order to the castle for the costs of execution, or if he does not want to comply with them, he will refer the matter to the court, which will decide on the objections.

Rada na zvr:
The agreement between the former partners that the father of the city will pay the specific costs is, of course, monopoly, but it should be in writing. “Although the court ruling stipulated that the living should be paid to the mother’s hands, however, if the mother herself, in a probative manner, ie in writing, handed the father to pay for the living (for example for the number of bicycles, the customs fee should be paid), then the father would be able to stop the execution, “said the lawyer at zvr.

Mr. Petr therefore made the mistake of not making an agreement with his mother’s mother in writing, or he was losing evidence that he could now handcuff if he filed a motion to stop the execution.

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