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The city of cheap electricity received a thousand-year contractual penalty

You can save money by choosing a new electricity and gas supplier. But not all sales representatives are serious. And so it happens that instead of proposing a new and suitable contract, as a result, only invoices for the contractual penalty are documented.

Bohumil Groda from Ostrava was visited last June by a sales representative of the energy company and wanted to see the last press for electricity and gas. Mr. Groda refused, clearly saying that he took electricity from EZ and gas from RWE, and in that case he did not intend to change suppliers. Nae was represented by a sales representative with an EZ order.

“He told me that at EZ you need to specify the validity of the existing data they have there,” Mr. Groda described. As he added, he said that he was dealing with his existing supplier, and he searched for the last print. And the worker started researching, researching and writing formulas.

“After about twenty minutes, he wanted to sign the formulas, explained to me that a new contract proposal would come, and since I was a long-term customer, I could have a discount. At a discount today, wherever I heard, I heard about it and I signed some papers, ”added Groda.

Mr. Groda failed to draft the contract. Later, only a schedule of payments was sent. Not only from EZ, but from SVT Group.

“I immediately called the phone number that said there, I didn’t want anything to do with them, and I was told to send a letter in writing, and it would be answered in that,” Mr. Groda said. So he sent a written statement and thought that the problem was solved. Jene wasn’t. Piel gave a letter from SVT Group and an invoice for three thousand crowns for non-compliance with the contract, in which he undertook to purchase electricity and gas from SVT Group for two years.

The contract signed in error is invalid

Mr. Groda did not receive the documents he signed from the sales representative. They sent them to him by e-mail from the SVT Group and in response to his complaint. As it turned out, he actually signed two contracts with this company, namely a contract for the provision of a combined supply of electricity and a contract for the provision of a combined supply of natural gas.

According to the lawyer, the phenomenon of these first two acts can be seen as invalid, because Mr. Groda signed them in error. “The customer was misled, on the one hand, as regards the person who submitted the contracts to him for signing, he thought that he was signing the document with an employee of EZ. Moreover, the mistake in the content of the first act was wrong, because Mr. Groda was not at all aware that he was signing contracts, he thought that he was signing other documents, ”explained lawyer Pavel Nastis.

According to the lawyer, moreover, the other party to the party mitigated this mistake of his and his mind and reassured him of this mistake. In other words, a contract concluded in error is invalid, and therefore any claim on the company for a contractual penalty is invalid.

SVT Group: Ppad proetme

And so, of course, we were interested in how this problem solves SVT Group and whether the castle will be subject to contractual penalties. The answer surprised us a bit. “We are aware of the fact that in some cases, amorlism has occurred once,” said Martin Los, company director and chairman of the SVT Group’s supervisory board. “On the other hand, I don’t think it’s easy for a sales representative to make twenty, thirty contracts a day, and those practices can be great,” he added.

Then we don’t get it again. If even the director in the unfair practices of some sales representatives, shouldn’t he forgive the sanction? “We take it as a sanction, we take it as a castle,” Los said. However, the case for prov. Lastly, he said: “I do not see any doubts there either on the part of the company or on the part of a specific employee.”

The market is stagnating, the case is not unique

Mr. Groda’s case is not unique. Speaking to the director, we met the customers of SVT Group in the hallway. And they were definitely not satisfied. “Yes, we had a problem with the company, we signed a contract, and I think we are not the only ones,” said the company’s customer.

And what about the editor? “Traders both use different methods, because it is very tough on the market, the feedback tells us that customers are often misled by someone, but they are simply given something a little different, then the reality,” said Los. “On the other side of the customer, first and foremost, adulthood is not deprived of the first eligibility, so I think that everyone should know what they are signing, and first of all, customers should not sign anything on their knees. It’s a foundation, “said the company’s director.

The editor is right about that. The basis of this is the actual time, not anything you sign.

SVT Group forgive the fine with a condition

And with what result did the company’s director cover the case? We asked and received a string e-mail: “These days, leave a letter to the customer in which we suggest that his customer’s request be resolved.” Bli did not share information in the newsroom.

And so we hoped that the sanctions would be repulsive. Wrong, the proposal was full of yin. If Mr. Groda is an SVT Group customer for two years, the company will not enforce the contractual penalty. “Today, I would certainly not act as stupid as I did in the first case, and I hope that my case will send others to at least as a warning,” he warned the disappointed customer.


If you visit a sales representative offering a cheap supply of electricity, be careful. Believe in the integrity of the person and what society he or she represents. And do not hesitate to confirm his information on the company’s contact line.

  • No one is the first to see your last printed energy. Tm sp, if he claims to represent your existing supplier. He certainly does not need to verify all the information in this way.
  • Ask the sales representative to submit full and valid prices and business conditions. If the dealer is pushing for you to sign the contract immediately within one minute, even if you have not read it, it should be signaled that something is wrong.
  • Do not sign any document, read it carefully. Also study the business conditions. Don’t sign anything, don’t understand emu. Ask a serious salesman in an explanation. And if not, you’d better give a while to think. Take a look at the internet, discuss discussions and experience of other customers.
  • On the pages of the Energy Regulatory Series, you will find a list of all licensed electricity traders. Changing the electricity supplier is free of charge, but you must of course comply with the relevant deadlines with your existing supplier.
  • When choosing a new supplier, it should not be only the price for the consumption of electricity that is decisive. This is just one of the components of the total price for the consumption of electricity. A number of energy suppliers are returning various hidden fees, especially activation fees, and other lump sums, which in the end seemingly significantly increase my suitable price.
  • Even from the signed contract, you can withdraw. In the case of contracts for the supply of energy, it is possible to withdraw from the contract within thirteen days from the date of conclusion of the contract. If the delivery of the service has not been started yet, then within one msce.
  • If the contract was concluded outside the usual business premises, you may first withdraw from the contract without any reason and without any sanctions within thirteen days. If you are not notified of this first in the contract, you can withdraw from the contract within one year from the date of conclusion of the contract.
  • You can also dispute with the electricity supplier through the Energy Regulatory Board. His decision will be at the level of a court decision. You can submit your proposal to any working of the Energy Regulatory Board. Contacts can be found at
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