Friday May 20, 2022

The court upheld a sentence of 12.5 years for the sale of falench banknotes

The Olomouc High Court upheld a sentence for one of the only Ukrainian groups accused of selling counterfeit foreign currency. Lubomr Jochman was sentenced to 12.5 years in an illness with called security.

The cases of the remaining two him, including another group, the Ukrainian Pavlo Nikolyuka, will be heard in court and in January.

According to the cover, the group tried to sell fallen dollars and euros in restaurants, bill of exchange or by dog. In some cases they were spn, but other times the buyers drank for the scam.

If they managed to get all the counterfeits into circulation, they could, according to the packaging, cause a code for more than millions of crowns.

The Regional Court in Brno imposed sentences for this year, which in six cases crossed the ten-year limit. The Olomouc High Court, which dealt with most of the defendants in another appeal, upheld the convictions.

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