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The death of a mortgage chunk does not mean its end. Spltka fall on ddice

The death of the mortgage owner’s obligation to repay the debt is not. The roommates and the rest had to continue in the floats smoothly, even if the ride did not end thanks to the woman. Otherwise, the bank will charge me sanction years for delays. The only thing that helps me is to connect.

You can ensure the fulfillment of life insurance and the binding ability of payments against problems with fulfillment.

In previous years, it was practically impossible to negotiate a mortgage without concluding a life insurance contract at the same time. Today, the bank’s bank to its agreement does not strictly last. Which does not mean that the life insurance would be redundant.

On the contrary, at a time when the long-term land, know the heirs, or co-members, that the original measure of the pension for the monthly installments of life insurance was very short-sighted.

Inform the bank about the dead debt immediately

The mortgage market in the Czech Republic is still very young and its participants are mostly people at a young and middle age. And so the banks have not had much of a state of affairs, when the country’s debt and its debt go to the roommate and the grandfather. But these cases will certainly increase gradually.

It is always necessary to immediately inform the bank with which the mortgage was agreed about the deadline of the mortgage. A dead letter will be needed. If the long-term life insurance has been taken out, it is also necessary to claim an insurance claim.

Dlunk banka did not owe sm, ml co-sun

Mortgages can be concluded by a joint applicant, banks can do it and the three people out of two households. If he has a long-term partner, it is most often his partner and the partner with whom he buys the common property.

Even if the receivable from the mortgage case is always registered in the child’s wife (it is therefore a part of the testimony), it does not mean that the fulfillment of the mortgage continued and after its completion. The mortgage must be repaid regularly, regardless of who takes it over the land. Otherwise, the bank pozstalm dlunkm charges penalty fees for delays.

The co-length of the constellation continues. After the end of the child’s wife, the debt can be transferred to one of the grandfathers, who will thus become another co-owner of the earth.

Of course, there may be a situation that the share of the heat will not be left to the share of sufficient income. There are several ways to deal with this situation. It is important that he is in contact with the bank under any circumstances and informs you immediately. Then the bank will be open to finding it acceptable to both parties.

In the ordinary case, if the long-term life insurance has been concluded, it can be paid from its income.

Spltky can be broken down into parts

If the income of the surviving roommate, or other children who will pay for the mortgage, will not be enough for regular installments, the bank will look for an individual one.

For example, with a long-term agreement to extend the maturity of the vru, ie dreaming msnch installments. The final maturity of the mortgage bag must not exceed the maximum specified period.

In the case of such a bank, of course, the creditworthiness of the client, the values ​​secured, but also the age of the client (usually up to 70 years).

eenm is also the sale of real estate

The possibility to settle vr at the bank is also the sale of real estate. He was left with a debt from the sale of real estate to pay off the debt. Banks with us deal with this situation individually and in some cases are also liable to pay penalty fees for early repayment of mortgages outside the period of change of rate years.

Another option is to sell the property and transfer the mortgage to a new owner. Except for mBank, all banks do it.

The conditions under which the new owner will take over the mortgage vary from bank to bank. For example, SOB allows a new debtor to enter the original conditions and the parameter for which it was agreed with the original debtor. It assesses only the creditworthiness of the new debt.

On the other hand, at LBBW Bank it will be a new year with new conditions, which of course approved.

Hypoten vr took only one long time

If the bank’s client’s client did not have a long-term partner, the bank sent his claim to the child’s wife and tries to find out if they are after the country’s heir. Then don’t worry about whether they are willing to take the bundle for granted. It is necessary to continue the fulfillment of the warmth until the marriage of the grandfather.

Ddic, to whom the court finances the property, is opt for vbr. Either it will continue to be paid according to continuation, or I will sell the property and pay the long-term receivable.

The extreme possibility is to sell the property directly by the bank and pay off the debt. It happens when the grandfathers do not agree on who will take over the property with a mortgage and will pay back.

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