Tuesday May 24, 2022

The decline in income is warming due to small disputes over a million families

A number of Czech households have low financial reserves. In the event of a loss of employment, they cannot cover the cost of living and the number of drastic declines in life expectancy. Don’t say anything, if not. It is also low financial literacy, warn research.

They are not very careful about pensions and do not take the house budget outside. This was revealed by a nationwide survey, which in the end of 2010 was presented by the Ministry of Finance and the Czech National Bank.

The family budget is underestimated by a quarter of the population

Vst considers the family budget to be the remaining 54 percent of the population. Another 21 percent said they didn’t have time. A budget in which the family regularly monitors its income and expenses at monthly or quarterly intervals, while cutting off the remaining lines for goods and services.

You can practically instantly eat and drink. Msn for n average family spend on each lena 1 877 crowns. However, according to experts, it is possible to read and postpone smart shopping in case of unexpected events (how to tame shopping and teach thousands).

Half of the families do not have a reserve in case of loss

Due to low disputes, the loss of regular debt can be felt for a number of Czech families. Only 35 percent of them create a reserve for this case, half of the population does not have it at all.

The survey also revealed that with more than a million families, ie 14 percent of the total sweat of 4.1 million households, they cannot survive the loss of living expenses or money. Another 800,000 households have a financial reserve for this case in less than three months.

In the event of the loss of employment and the long-term perspective of new work difficulties, I can honor the drastic reduction in life expectancy to which they are accustomed, over a million Czech families.

vr necessary to buy a prodra and budget zat

Tetina does not have a reserve for unexpected data, when it is necessary to replace an old slingshot, refrigerator or a broken family car. People with a basic education are at their best, 45 percent of them do not create a financial reserve for this case, and most argue that it is not from it.

An unexpected situation that these families usually lend to, what the purchase of a new home consumer will know, will sell the money and the financially weak household will enter into debt traps and personal bankruptcy (as is life in personal bankruptcy).

The alarming thing is that 23 percent of them read the credit agreement before signing. He gave the same percentage of people to sign it without any one, because he knows that in the contract he is in the horseshoe (about sad financial literacy tte i).

The number of people who end up in financial traps due to consumer throws is growing steadily. According to Creditreform, which regularly analyzes the development of insolvency, last year it filed a personal bankruptcy permit for a total of 9,399 debts, which is 5,712 more than in 2009.

He is also best versed in macroeconomics

Also warn against low financial literacy of these researchers. For example, last year, SOB, together with the research agency STEM / MARK, tested how people are familiar with worms, savings, investment and bonding products, technology and macroeconomics. It is surprising that we have the best knowledge in macroeconomics and the worst in savings and investment products.

At the same time, the test of general knowledge showed that for eight percent of the Czech population, the world of finance is completely unknown and they are on the level of “financial toddlers”. Only basic knowledge is 31 percent of people, who form the second largest group called “finance”. A total of 39 percent of them are “financial high school students”, another 14 percent are “financial bachelors” and only eight percent of the population can be described as “financial professors”.

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