Tuesday May 24, 2022

The dollar is the most expensive per year and pl, cost a dog 20 K

On Thursday, the Czech Republic broke the limit of 20 crowns per dollar and weakened the most since last July. The koruna is copying the development of the euro, which is weakening against the dollar and the Japanese yen.

Jet a year ago, the dollar cost me a crown. The Czech Republic began to weaken in Tamerick in the Czech Republic.

On Thursday, December 29, at 11:15 a.m., the dollar fell to 20.01 K. The koruna lost nine halls against the dollar, and the hen lost three halls against the euro. Follow it from the Patria Online server.

The expensive dollar is usually reflected in the prices of gasoline and diesel at Czech pumps. In the last week, fuels in the country have become slightly cheaper. Diesel costs 35.45 K and is still very expensive gasoline, which will sell for 34.70 K. Long-term weakening of the koruna against the dollar thus leads to higher gas. This is the ippad end of this year.

According to Raiffeisenbank economist Michal Broka, I am very volatile in the arrest of the first year. “The achievement of the CZK / USD 20.0 level is not surprising from the point of view of the forecast, however, our forecast leads it to the slightly stronger level of the CZK / USD 19.40 level,” said Broka.

The weakening Czech currency against world currencies is related to the fact that the euro is also losing ground. In addition to the Japanese yen, this is the weakest since 2001. The main pins of the loss of the euro are the fear of the impact of the debt crisis of the euro area and the still expansionary monetary policy of the European Central Bank.

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