Tuesday May 24, 2022

The dollar rises to 19 crowns, the euro to 26 K

esk mna rides the wave of debt crisis. The koruna weakened and the euro rose by 25 halls to 25.69 K. According to Patria Finance, the US dollar costs 18.91 K, ie 18 halls more than in the middle.

“Central European currencies took a break from the negative pressure this morning. Not a long bag. Like the eurodollar and the stock in the second half of the day they turned. The koruna gained losses against the euro, when its exchange rate moved to 25.70. The debt crisis is a danger mainly for the forint, but this time there is also a safe koruna, which withstood many pressures during the year, ”said Patria Finance analyst Tom Vlk.

the data of the NB point to a slightly less weakening of the koruna. The euro tends to lose the US dollar. Now for one euro you get $ 1,358.

“The koruna is in the grip of other European currencies, which weakens against the euro. Unlike the euro, there is a known selling pressure due to debt problems in the euro area. This pressure will not withstand; therefore, even in the horizon of five months, the koruna has room for further weakening, ”thinks Next Finance analyst Markta ichtaov.

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