Tuesday May 24, 2022

The dollar strengthens sharply, breaking the 19-crown mark. Fear bud panland

For the US dollar, they have to pay more than nineteen crowns, which is the most since the end of the den. In European markets, the dollar is trying to break the key level of $ 1.30 per euro. The reason is the fear of the stability of Panland banks.

During the day of trading, the crown remains at its weakest level since the end of the den. “Markets are now a troubled situation in the euro area. Most nervousness is now flowing mainly from Spain, where government bond yields are rising again and CDS contracts to cover Spanish debt have risen to a new record,” said Citfin analyst Ji imek.

The koruna weakens as well as other currencies in the region. According to Patria analyst Tom Vlkana, the region has been negatively affected by the euro and the Hungarian case has been affected by an emergency call.

The main banks of the bank are of great concern. According to imka, the situation on the market is returning to this year’s burrow. At that time, the European Central Bank calmed the markets with additional liquidity to banks, which brought a decline in bond yields of troubled euro area countries. But now they are growing again.

“Spain is in a difficult situation, which is at the bottom of a long-term deficit balance of payments and deficit public finances,” said SOB analyst Jan Erk. According to him, the fears of the present do not stem from the fear that the country will not be able to meet its obligations, but from the fact that it will not be willing to repay its debts under the given conditions.

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