Wednesday May 25, 2022

The dollar weighed 19 crowns. The weakness of me increases the price of imported goods

esk mna dl weakens. The US dollar exceeded 19 crowns in the morning. So much for the last time in January. Over the last month, the dollar has risen by 1.5 K and the koruna and the euro are weakening at a similar rate. This echm breaks through forces from abroad. If the euro goes to the crown of a prodro, prices can also be written in travel.

If the weakening of the koruna continues as before (some economists have given a weakening forecast), there is a risk that companies will not want to reduce their profits and increase their health.

“If the value of the koruna fell to 27 crowns per euro and we saw that this was not a short-term fluctuation in the forefront, we would have to deal with the issue of revaluation in catalog prices,” said Stanislav Zma, TK’s marketing director at Exim Tours. Currently, the euro is above 25.7 K.

The Firo-tour travel agency would be able to increase the price of vacations when the koruna reaches the value of 26.70 K against the euro. So the office of CK Fischer pipout healthy. Prices could rise by five percent from January, if the weakening of the koruna does not stop. If the koruna stagnated, it would change the price office only for some destinations, said Plovajko.

The biggest dealer in Alza is slightly increased due to the exchange rate. “No one will be able to absorb fluctuations and the prices will be reflected. However, it should be noted that these fluctuations occur regularly and IT customers are on the course of exchange rate movements and the subsequent fluctuating and rising Czech prices are used to, ”says JanSamko.

According to him, a big problem is the many times more expensive hard drives have recently. “Prices are going up rocket and no one officially knows what will happen. Due to the fact that all free disks are being removed from the market by the assembly, the disk will continue to rise, ”he added. (tte Pota’s disks healed due to Thai floods and triple)

If Europe collapses, the euro will cost 30 crowns

The two main world currencies, the US dollar and the euro, have fluctuated sharply this year. The price of the dollar climbed above 19 crowns in January, but at a discounted price of 16 crowns to 16 crowns. The euro ranged between 24 and 24.50 K for the rest of the year, but has been rising sharply in recent months.

Weaken the koruna as well as the euro debt problems in the euro area. “Currently, our extremely negative external impact in the form of the European debt crisis. Tana crown down, although the two were esk me in this heel at first quite durable. It seems that it is not weakening together with the surrounding names in the region, ”said Patria Finance analyst Tom Vlk.

Patria Finance nevertheless assumed that even in the long run (approximately one year ahead) the currency will be drilled in euros to 24 crowns. On the contrary, if the problems go up, the investor’s interest in the euro will fall and, together with it, the koruna will weaken. Economist David Marek said that in such a case it would be possible to speculate on the limits of 28, 29 or 30 K / EUR.

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