Tuesday May 24, 2022

The employer is also allowed to help with the payment and go there at the same time

This year, companies have a system of their benefits, ie employee benefits, in an effort to save costs. However, according to an ING survey, most companies intended to keep holidays, excursions and hostels for their employees.

“Holiday vouchers are very popular,” explains Miroslav Epick, Vodafone’s spokesman. And according to a study by Factum Invenio, almost 90 percent of them would even mention similar contributions. This side of the Pesto party is still not among the most natural, in the Czech Republic it is offered by about 50 percent of companies.

In the menu, meal vouchers are a good idea, which have become a matter of course. They are followed by the use of a company telephone, a contribution to the pension and life insurance, and the use of a company car for private people.

A survey by Sodexo, a corporate benefits broker, found that “meal vouchers” promote satisfaction in the company, while benefits related to leave increase employee motivation. They feel that the company has appreciated the commitment it requires from them.

However, most companies provide a week’s holiday, not order. “The week of paid extra leave is to be considered a benefit,” said Jan Bal, Director of ING Employee Benefits. “That week the company has to pay at its own expense, also this approach can be considered a very significant employee benefit,” adds.

The possibility is hell

According to Jan, the company was afraid to contribute employees to the holiday by paying them the trip they bought themselves, or giving them passports – vouchers that can be exchanged in travel agencies for a trip or paid to a hostel in a hotel in the Czech Republic. , sports activities, visits to cinemas, theaters or education. Whenever you decide. In addition to the benefits, both parties – both the company and its employees.

The holiday voucher can also be issued as a 13th or 14th salary. “For employers, a holiday allowance of up to CZK 20,000 per employee is exempt from social security and health insurance contributions. disputes can reach up to 11.6 percent, ”explains marketing director Daniela Pedret of Accor Services, which operates voucher systems.

For example, if an employer pays a summer premium in Ticket Holiday or Ticket Multi vouchers, employees will earn an additional 47 percent over their wage contribution. Contribution in the form of vouchers is not subject to personal income tax or social security and health insurance contributions.

Only a few companies use for vouchers?

There are companies in Pesto that do not issue vouchers. Problm me bt in communication. While “meal vouchers” are with them, you will be introduced to employees with new vouchers.

Every new benefit that the company introduces is for you to present. So bad for the very approach of companies. It is, of course, administratively simple to give employees a thousand-crown premium, for which the form is prescribed, not to introduce a new benefit, which is an administrative burden, and the campaign for its promotion inside the company will spend some extra work. Pesto vouchers pay off.

“When the employees give the employees a thousand-crown bonus, he will have half a day after deducting taxes and allowances for health and social insurance. Therefore, if the employees give a thousand-crown voucher, the voucher will remain with the same value and the company will not pay any other fees, ”explains Luk Malk, Sodexo’s product manager.

Therefore, if it would be tempting to receive holiday vouchers, do not pay to wait, and one of the management or personnel department will attack. Luk Malk therefore advises: “I would recommend a proposal for new benefits in the field of internal research and interview. If the employer sees that the employees have a great interest in such a benefit, they will definitely try to come out. ”

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