Wednesday May 25, 2022

The fraudsters were trying to pour a senior, they wanted a loan for a relative’s operation

He gave the fraudster’s attempt to snatch pensions from two seniors that took place on the ground in Umperka. As in other similar cases, the car’s crew tried to tell him that he needed a pension for his brother’s urgent operation. Coincidentally, this time the scam did not work out and then the police.

The swindlers found themselves on Revolun Street in Umperk, where they stopped at a sidewalk for a quarter to twelve in the morning and approached him. “The woman from the car stated that they were not here and wanted to know where the hospital was in Umper. Eighty-eight-year-old senior wanted to help and agreed to get in the car and take them to the hospital, ”said Miloslav Svato, a Umper police officer.

In the car saddle go dal ena and idi. “Everyone made a credible impression on the senior and on the way they told him that they were going to the hospital to see their brother, who had a car accident with a truck near Mohelnice. In the parking lot at the hospital, the phone rang and I talked to the doctor, “Svato described.

On the phone, he repeated aloud what he had given him, so everyone in the car could hear his wounded brother being wounded and that he would need several surgeries, which would have to be paid in cash at the hospital.

“During the phone call, the people began to cry, watch and express their feelings towards the senior. The necessary amount was around fifteen thousand crowns and he went to the phone, that they have only a few thousand US dollars and as if by accident he pulled a bundle of banknotes from the dashboard, which he then held in his hand, “said the fraudsters.

After the end of the phone call, the crew of the senior car applied for a loan, with the proviso that they would leave the dollars for him until he had the necessary money in the Czech Republic. Although he objected that they could exchange them for Czech pensions in the exchange, the fraudsters refused, saying that they had dollars to buy goods.

The fraud was ruined by an accident, the senior could not withdraw his pension from an ATM

In the end, the senior agreed with the loan and they all went to his house together. While driving, one of the women put her pension in the gate from her laptop and then pedaled it to the senior for a stop, when she left the house for a payment card. He was eventually saved from the loss of his pension by the fact that he could not handle the card of handcuffs from an ATM.

“He therefore called his son, who agreed to meet with him at the bank. When he got into the car, he told the judge this fact. In a moment, his cell phone rang and he repeated aloud conversation in the sense that everyone had to leave somewhere. For this reason, the idi then stopped and handed the senior to get out and repent for a while, ”Svato summed up the fraudster’s reaction.

When the senior could not return for a quarter of an hour, he went to the bank, where he met his daughter, who was supposed to prevent the transaction in a dubious manner and reported the whole thing to line 158. The case therefore who threatened the perpetrator and married for two years.

This is not the first similar case in the Olomouc Region, especially in the Umbrian and Jesenice regions, for example, a couple of fraudsters deceived a senior, who withdrew thousands of crowns from the bank for them and gave them a colleague for an operation. , the camera shot it in the bank).

The perpetrator of similar cases is responsible for the whole series of fraud. Last year, for example, the police caught three Slovaks who, through a story about a relative in the hospital, robbed 48 seniors in the same way throughout the Czech Republic (more here).

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