Tuesday May 24, 2022

The Gold Bank public award went to Internet Bank from GE Money Bank

Vera was awarded the results of the seventh round of the Golden Crown competition for the best financial products. The novelty of the year was the life insurance FLEXI from Pojiovna esk spoitelna and the public prize went to Internet Banka from GE Money Bank.

The evaluators were independent experts from financial experts, publicists and representatives of the academic sphere, who became members of the Finann Academy.

The Finann Academy evaluated the products in 15 competition categories and also awarded the New Product of the Year award. The number of Finann Academy students was born from the original 260 to 293 this year.

“Evaluated by independent experts, it is completely unique in the extent to which it is performed by us. It does not only focus on a certain market, but provides a well-founded and competent view of all its areas. There is a great deal of public interest, ”to Pavel Doleal, director of the Zlat koruna competition.

In the main category New to the Year, FLEXI Pojiovny esk spoitelny increased its life insurance. The second place was occupied by the PaySec Potovn spoitelny product and the third place by Hypotce on the Hypoten banka website. After those who reigned in recent years, this year’s most appreciated was the connecting product and products using the Internet.

The best award is the voice of the people, the Public Award. A total of 126,030 employees voted in this year’s category in the Public Award and Entrepreneur Award categories. Twenty products with the highest number of nominations advanced to the second round, in which the public voted for two months next to the Internet, so via SMS at first. You can find the results from all categories HERE.

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