Tuesday May 24, 2022

The government has not yet set when it will adopt the euro, the fight to wave healthily

Neas’s government will not say when we could pay in euros in the Czech Republic. Its members are concerned that the rapid introduction of the European currency could start a wave of health. It follows from the release of Prime Minister Petr Neas for the Bloomberg agency.

He did not say that the thermal adoption of the euro would not be part of the program view with which the Cabinet will go in front of the data court.

“The government’s agenda will not include a fulfilled date or promise to join the eurozone,” Neas said. “Imports are important, but this country is not just a land of exporters,” said the Prime Minister in connection with the strengthening of the crown, which is causing problems for Czech exports.

In July, the koruna strengthened the euro by 3.7 percent, which was the fastest growth against the euro of more than 170 mn monitored by Bloomberg. According to Nease, the program does not include the entry of the Czech Republic into the exchange rate mechanism, which is similar to the adoption of the euro, in which the country must prove that its currency is stable in preparation for the euro.

The Czech economy is recovering from the worst recession since the fall of communism. According to the estimate of the Ministry of Finance, the gross domestic product should increase by 1.6 percent this year and by 2.3 percent in five years. Last year, the economy fell by 4.1 percent. Imports accounted for about 70 percent of the country’s GDP.

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