Wednesday May 25, 2022

The grant from the flow in the direction in Krnov was the original cv, hard police

Grant, with whom he dropped his direction in Krnov at the end of his thirty-year years, was originally only a fighter. According to the investigator, someone had professionally edited it and put in it, which deprived the perpetrator of his life and injured six people.

He went to Moravsk Beroun to two with grants and his legal pistol, mainly due to financial problems. Due to his failure to do business with his cars, you should have retired and later became harder.

The detective confirms that the perpetrator’s house actually gave him illegal weapons, two of which were speculated about. According to them, they are interested in their origin, the case itself was postponed due to the deaths.

“The perpetrator had a modified grant with him, his right to the ‘island’ was almost professional,” explains the results of the reopening of the Krnov directive in the local Priory by the police speaking Soa Ttnsk.

He has been dealing with her colleagues since the end of the Losk family. He probably wanted to take his pension from the directive. He was opposed by a salesman who hurried to help him. A police officer appeared in the city, and a grant exploded during the robber’s arrest under his body, which the people around him had no idea about. (more here)

Grants are mainly from military funds

Over time, it appeared at first that the grants were in stock in the Libav military area, but the police have not yet confirmed this.

“The forensic scientists did not find information leading to a clear reversal about where the ammunition came from. Have fun, ”says ttnsk. In particular, it is really a military material, or a criminalist from the north of Moravia cooperates with the military police.

He gave speculations about whether he had ever given a gun in his house in Moravian Beroun. His chain was born, the editor of MF DNES spoke to him in the autumn, they ruled out something like that. They admitted that their son was not happy with his problems.

“In small and small numbers, he kept a mass of weapons and parts for their production. For example, nboje and black dust, ”says now ttnsk without further specification. In general, the weapon also includes weapons and automatic weapons.

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