Tuesday May 24, 2022

The health card in the food is gone

Do you consider travel insurance to be an extra luxury and only go abroad with a health insurance card? It could make a lot of money. Prices for co-payments range from symbolic flows to thousands of crowns.

If everyone abroad falls into ordinary sweat from bad food, pay the obligatory co-payment of 55 crowns to the contract doctor. But if you only come across a private doctor, who has more in the resorts, you will have to pay the whole hundred, an average of 4,000 crowns.

The card, which has a blue European health card on the back, can only provide the necessary medicine in the event of a need in the EU countries (and Norway or Iceland), under the same conditions as the local population. Just as the Czech Republic will pay you a fee of one thousand crowns, you will have to pay a co-payment abroad at the doctor’s. In some countries, sweat the bag with the sewers…

The classic health insurance does not offer you one important advantage: the assistance service. You are only interested here when arranging a commercial travel insurance. When you cling to a moskho jeka somewhere in a sunken village in Croatia without insurance, no one can advise you where the doctor is closest, not even with the translation.

Patient co-ops in selected countries


  • primrn lkask pe, punishment lku: 15 HRK (55 korun)
  • lky: and 15 HRK (55 crowns), on prescription by type
  • emergency service: free
  • gave types of lkask pe: 20%
  • hospitalization: 100 HRK (366 crowns) / day
  • children under 18 (excluding hospital stay): free of charge


  • substances: 25%, for some drugs for chronic diseases and called diseases only 10%
  • hospitalization: 10%


  • nvtva lkae, ambulantn pe: zdarma
  • pi vydn lk: 0.17 euros (5 crowns)
  • emergency: 1.99 euros (54 crowns)
  • delivery service: 0.07 euros (2 crowns) per km ride


  • lky: 4.90 euros (132 crowns) for a prescription shelf
  • hospitalization: 8.00–16.60 euros (216–448 crowns) / day for a maximum of 28 days, bad for the federal states


  • lky: 40% (excluding pensioners)
  • oeten u zubnho lkae: 100%


  • lkask oeten: 6.50 tureck liry (80 korun)
  • lky: 20% of the price


  • lkask oeten: 30% nklad + 1 euro for nvtvu
  • fabrics: 85% for fabrics with an orange label, 65% for fabrics with a blue label, 35% for fabrics with a white label, 35% for fabrics with a label, 0% for fabrics with a crossed-out label
  • hospitalized paul: 16 euros (432 crowns) / day for food + 20% cost for a maximum of 30 days (for all diseases without co-payments)

Pull Britnie

  • stomatologick oeten: 44 free (1,364 korun)
  • lky: 7.20 pounds per recipe (223 crowns)


  • lkask oeten: a 36.15 euros (976 crowns)
  • lky: a 100%


  • nvtva lkae / dentist: 2 euros (54 crowns)
  • hospitalization: from 7 euros (189 crowns)
  • lky: 75–80%
  • pensioners over 65: free


  • urgentn stomatologick oeten: free, otherwise castle patient materil
  • hospitalization: acute care without complications
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