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The insurance contract does not cover the risk of floods, any damage

The Czech Insurance Association published statistics on codes and payments of insurance benefits in connection with recent floods. According to them, as of July 20, insurance companies were to issue less than a third of insurance premiums and pay out 9 percent. Some flooded bags do not receive insurance benefits. Have a badly written insurance contract.

The insurance company liquidated the codes the fastest – for 28% of the liquidated insurance claims, the cases of “only” 8.75% of the paid estimated insurance benefit. It’s understandable. Assessing and sending codes is much easier for small insurance events than for various codes. “Clients were able to draw on deposits that would allow them to start faster, and they were able to start the restoration work,” said Pavla Pasekov, a press release from Allianz Insurance Company on the settlement of insurance claims.

Disposal codes: mainly codes are required

Most insurance events are covered by a Czech insurance company. codes esk pojiovn reported 9 691 pojitnch. Piblin tetina was called from them – only the codes in her closed cases reach 640 million crowns. The liquidator of esk pojiovny inspected it for 90% of insurance events.

But the Leton floods are far from the only calamity. “It should be emphasized that we record several thousand more cases in connection with the unsteady weather of this summer. Many people have the codes after the storms, which were not accompanied only by lightning holes, but such strong winds, possibly hail, and because it is summer, traditionally calamity codes in my country appear so nice houses and apartments, “said Vclav Blek, spokesman esk pojiovny.

Cooperative is based on the type of insurance claims with 2,700 cases, of which it was liquidated about 1,200 (45%). Of the total estimated codes in the amount of 390 million crowns, 45 million crowns were paid to it, or 11.5%.

General The insurance company has already reported 1,323 insurance events. Approximately 50% of them are selected. The mucus is estimated by the insurance company to cost 100 million crowns, and the country paid it 18 million crowns, ie 18%.

Allianz The insurance company has over 500 insurance claims, of which its aunt is liquidated. “The volume of codes exceeded the limit of 110 million crowns, but we assume that in total the codes from the June floods can fall to the limit of 200 million crowns,” said Pavla Pasekov. The insurance company paid out 15 million crowns (13.6%) on the insurance indemnity.

UNDER Pojiovna registered 458 insurance events, of which 55% were liquidated. Of the total estimated code of 90 million crowns, it paid out only 5 million crowns (5.6%). According to the available data, SOB Pojiovna had codes faster than others.

esk business insurance company she had 327 insured events, of which, like most other bonds, she was liquidated by about a hundred aunts. The total code is estimated at more than 100 million crowns, piem paid out 2.6 million crowns (2.6%).

UNIQA pojiovna registered 290 insurance events. She gave a pound a quarter of them. The estimated volume of the code is “only” 32 million crowns, of which it has paid about 10%. “For large industrial plants or production and storage halls, pop. car operation, you need the detailed work of a liquidator, testimonials, a documented evidence of ethnicity and operating days, “said Eva Svobodov, a press spokesperson for UNIQA Insurance Company, for which, according to the paid code of non-liquidated insurance claims.

AXA pojiovna began to offer insurance property only recently. Therefore, it records only units of insurance events.

Did the wall assembly stand up to me?

Although insurance companies are usually financially stable and even a medium-term event will not shake their foundations, they will not pay the full insurance premium. This is also the case in summer floods.

UNIQA and Kooperativa did not pay the insurance indemnity in the case of cases, the Czech insurance company did not pay the insurance indemnity in the absolute minimum of cases, the Czech business insurance company refused 29 applicants, Generali pojiovna 254 kod, Allianz pojiovna did not pay full benefits in 15% and SOB Pojiovna.

In the vast majority of cases of refused insurance benefits, there is a bad insurance contract in the background, which does not cover the risk of floods and floods. “It’s a misunderstanding on the part of the client. After the pedals float them, for example. the insurance policy for all risks could have come out a bit, and therefore on the basis of their own (signed) written enough (which of course we have hidden) they wanted us not to cover their risk from floods / floods – the motive for them was not insurance, “said Vclav Blek from esk pojiovny and added: “Now that she drank from the river and they announced the insurance event because they had water in the house, we were unfortunately unable to liquidate them because they voluntarily let themselves be discarded from the risk of the river / flood.”

Pbhy ze ivota

“Material codes have made life upside down for many families; they drank a lot for everything they built all their lives. Our mobile technicians, who have been the closest to flooded clients in recent weeks, have witnessed a feeling of emotion, stress, sadness and exhaustion, ”says Pavla Pasekov of Allianz Pojiovny and continues:“ As the technicians themselves confirm, most clean and restore everything as quickly as possible so that we have somewhere. ”

“In many cities, nai also acted as a kind of psychological support, not always because these pensions change: for example, one of our mobile technicians was called by a client and sat on the phone crying so that the technician promised to go to the city where his property was destroyed,” Pavla Pasekov told one of the cases.

“When the client calmed down a bit, it became clear that her material situation was not so good and again that she was not in a hurry to take out her retirement pension. Her weave was weaving the garden behind the house, which she had been diligently building for several years, it was her pride. In the conversation, the client said to the technician: “And imagine, within minutes everything is full but full, there is a plain behind the house. Don’t be angry, I just had to honor someone. ”

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