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The insurance will be arranged in tta, mma, son and daughter. In families, the bag doesn’t talk about work

tyi binders in one family. Manel Vlk, son Luk and daughter Pavlna work in one company, even in one office. First they worked directly for the insurance company, then they started their own company. They have one office in the ramparts, the other in Prague.

So I’m going to dispose of the code, Mr. Vomko… Rex, tear it! It was clear that the bad dog was treating Jim Vlk like a stela. Natst stood close to the goal and reacted quickly. “I managed to disappear, but I felt like I was in a bad movie,” laughs the binder agent. “This is one of the spiciness that I remember, otherwise our work is quite calm,” he added.

He often encounters incomprehensible enough clients.

“Someone wants to re-insure you after a car accident, others come with a broken leg to take out a life insurance policy and want to go get a pension once,” explains Ji Vlk and his wife Kateina adds with a laugh: “We have not yet taken out insurance . ”

Working in one office was not easy

Both men work as bonding consultants, Ji Vlk joined the bondage company one year ago. “I immediately knew that I would enjoy the job. I built a group of insurance companies, and when I was promoted to manager in 2002, I taught my contacts. ”

And so Kateina Vlkov, a graduate photographer, became a bonding agent. “I was happy to enter into Manel’s contracts, because I’m not the type to knock on two households. But I have to do that sometimes. Otherwise, it’s interesting to work with people, “smiles a woman from Koic. She went to Prague for a change, she wanted to end one life stage.

“Succeeded. I met Jiho, she took him and got to work, he would never know if he would have fun, “first. Piznv that the arrests were not easy. “We worked with Manel in one office and we soon found out that it wouldn’t work. Bt together 24 hours in roles f, manel – podzen, manelka was not ideal. He’s a bit of a directive type, so we both dated. In the end, we found one, ”he smiles.

Due to the fact that they both work for the insurance company on a contract basis, they were able to open their own offices in the ramparts, where Katka cultivated her work agenda, while her office in Prague.

He also connects his son

Piel 2005. “So what will he do, Luke, when they haven’t been drunk?” Ji asked his son. Nevdl. “What if you tried a jumper?” Luk bowed for five years. “Seven even with you in the same office. We both had disputes about the arrest, but we will get along together in time, ”says Luk.

Especially with civil insurance, it deals with the dark industrial. “I connect entrepreneurs, companies, but the certification is for everything, so I can also take out a life insurance policy,” explains Luk. He considers contact with new clients to be the hardest part of the work.

“The most common are the so-called cold contacts, ie those appropriately selected clients from Zlatch strnek or on the Internet. Don’t know these people, don’t know how they will treat you. Better are definitely warm contacts – recommended from them or the client. There is a much simpler agreement, ”explains Luk slang.

The daughter had a beer

Those binders in families would stail, but there is a daughter Pavlna. “I work with you and my brother. In the meantime, I only take out insurance for living, I study at the Czech University of Agriculture, I also go to work, only whenever, ”to Pavlna.

Like the rest of the family, she talks nicely about her job. “Long bachelor’s thesis in the dark is agriculturally connected, it also helps me in my studies. I’ll see emu then I’ll take care of myself, but I can imagine staying at the insurance company. ”

Let’s not talk about work at home

The Vlkov family did not live together, they both meet on Saturday at their grandmother’s. “But we try to avoid that in the dark,” Luk said hard. “Well, sometimes someone will ask you something – like how to proceed with a complicated insurance policy and so on. But it won’t take hours, “says Kateina, according to them. The whole family is trying to separate the work from the private. “It can’t be done otherwise, it would bother our mutual relations.”

And how do you connect in times of crisis? The whole family at the father zvn. “The crisis has also affected the insurance industry, which is especially true. What will you first cut in the family budget, when financial problems will arise?” No food, no housing costs, you have to pay the elephants, clothes are also necessary. But life insurance is not necessary, ”says Ji Vlk.

He tries to ensure that the people do not at least cancel the valid contract, when the new ones do not have much power. “Clients often want to dream of insurance, and we dream to meet them. The other permanent cancellation of the insurance will not bring them a day’s advantage, ”thinks Ji Vlk.

Ask yourself if the whole family is connected. “Of course. I have life insurance, supplementary pension insurance, civil liability insurance, of course compulsory insurance and accident insurance, ”list Luk and other family members. This is a furnace for binders of course.

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